This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is MLB WAGs.

Jaime Edmondson – Evan Longoria

The Brewers Bar would like to share A Public Service Announcement Regarding John Axford .

Some what in the same vein, Disciples of Ueckers says it’s safe to Bet on the Brewers Bullpen in the Second Half .

Lombardi Ave on how the Packers’ Depth of Wide Receivers a Good Problem to Have…but a Problem Nevertheles s.

ACME Packing Company’s Tight End Pre-Training Camp Grades .

Badger of Honor with news of Four Badgers in the 2012 NBA Summer League .

Paint Touches with Jerel McNeal vs. Dominic James in their TSP Bracket .

Courtside Analyst thinks Kobe Bryant is dreaming if he thinks the 2012 team is better than the Dream Team .

Here’s a Realistic Sports Bar Menu , pretty sure I’ve had at least half these items.

How would anyone think this would work? Because Non-Human Urine Is The Cleanest Urine .

Either brilliant or delusional, guessing a bit of both: The Best Cover Letter Of All Time .

For all you Business School Grads, Things They Don’t Teach You In Business School .

Definitely no place to hide here once a fight breaks out, Precious Couple Looks So Happy to Live in Tiny-A** NYC Apartment .

For you guys that don’t always pick up on things here are some Signs She’s Interested You Might Miss .

I’m going to post this, but absolutely no comments on it… Town Makes Larger, Easier To Park In Spots For Women .

Don’t Miss Something Till It’s Gone – The Brewers open up the second half of the season tonight at Miller Park as the NL Central Division leading Pittsburgh Pirates come into town…still can’t believe I just typed that.  I won’t go into how important this series as well as the next two are for the ‘Crew, we all know.  I’m just happy to have baseball back even though it was only gone for a short week. Tonight will be back to normal with me on my deck & the sounds of Uecker & Brewers baseball on the radio, just as it’s meant to be on a warm Summer’s Friday night.

Looks to be a little warm again this weekend, at least around Wisconsin, so keep cool & drink plenty of fluids…I’ll let you decide what those should be.  Have a great next couple of days and we’ll see you back here on Monday morning.

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