This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is MLB WAGs.

Larisa Fraser – Ryan Braun

Brewers made some moves yesterday, one of them was Jeff Bianchi Promoted to Replace Green .

Another move was sending Tim Dillard down &  Tyler Thornburg returning to the majors .

Brew Crew Ball with their First-Half WPA Review, Part 1: Braun Good, Bullpen Very, Very Bad .

And it’s definitely the offseason… Brett Favre vs. Aaron Rodgers: The Debate Continues .

Brew Hoops with Salary Cap & Luxury Tax info for the 2012-2013 NBA Season .

Anonymous Eagle presents The Marquette Related Tweet Of The Week .

Wisconsin Badgers Sports Fans on how Bret Bielema likes the new playoff system .

I know he has his share of detractors, but this is pretty funny: Jimmy Fallon’s Roger Federer Is My Hero .

Really? REALLY? All-Star Game anthem performer apologizes for having lyrics written on hand .

To help you out, here is A Political Users Guide To The Trolls Of Twitter .

And here we have more of Checking in on the awful sex tips from women’s magazines .

This person’s reaction is mild compared to what what mine would’ve been… ‘IT’S A SHARK! A SHARK! A BIG ASS SHARK!!!’

These are fantastic, Unbelievably Impressive Game Of Thrones Cities/Castles/Locations Recreated In Minecraft .

Some suggestions for your next camping trip, Camping Gourmet: What To Cook While Camping .

At Least I’ll Win – I was reading Kevan’s Brewers Midseason Report Card on Tuesday & really zeroed in on the Front Office portion, as to what Doug Melvin may or may not do come late July. It brought me back to a conversation I had with my Dad as well. I’ve stated many times, I’m an optimist when it comes to my sports teams, my Dad though is more of a realist. Up until maybe a few weeks ago I was firmly entrenched in the hold on to Greinke camp, make a run because this team can do it mode. Then Dad asked me a question, “Even you can’t believe they’ll hold on to Greinke now, do you?” When Dad asked, I actually had to pause for a moment because I really didn’t have my stock answer ready or perhaps better said didn’t believe in it whole heartedly enough to go with it. There’s still a part of me that believes that the Brewers can pull things together here in the second half only this time there’s almost just as much of me that thinks they won’t. As many have mentioned, these next three series will determine if the Brewers will be sellers or buyers come late July. They’ll also determine whether or not my optimism gets beat out by my realism.

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  • Chris

    The thing that bothers me about selling Greinke is the signal it sends. I really don’t want my team to give up on the season when they are only six games out of the Wild Card and we haven’t even reached mid-July. It’s not like they were outclassed in the first half of the season; most of their wounds were self-inflicted or simply due to bad luck (e.g. the terrible spate of injuries). I am not sure this is a team that needs to be blown up or even to have its ace pitcher dealt. I’d rather they acquired another bullpen arm (as I think that could come at minimal cost) and play out the season. If Greinke walks, so be it: Take the draft picks and move on.