This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is MLB WAGs.

Amber Marie Seyer – Barry Zito

Disciples of Uecker on Ryan Braun & Vindication .

Speaking of Braun, he played pretty well last night going 2 for 3 in last night’s All Stars’ Game .

ACME Packing Company with their roster predictions at Outside Linebacker .

Zach over at CHTV has Some History and Numbers on Teams Following 15-1 Seasons .

Bucksketball says Ersan Ilyasova isn’t Tim Thomas so maybe everything isn’t awful . is a little perplexed, Seems to me there’s a game missing…

Continuing with their TSP Bracket, Paint Touches matches up Darius Johnson-Odom vs. Jimmy Butler this round.

Besides being an idiot of course, Top 10 reasons why Eagles RB Dion Lewis got arrested for pulling a fire alarm at an Albany hotel .

Yes, yes it is… David Lee Roth’s Open Letter About Playing The Super Bowl Is A Thing Of Beauty .

Here are the 13 best players you didn’t see in the MLB All-Star game last night.

There are just so many things wrong with this, Guy Creates Virtual Girlfriend He Can Take Out On Dates Using Kinect, Video Glasses, Zero Self Respect .

Oh Cookie Monster… Cookie Monster’s ‘Call Me Maybe’ parody has to be the last one, right?

Yeah, they can’t really be proud of these, The Very Worst Performances of 10 Great Movie Actors .

This is fantastic, Ron Perlman Gives Terminally Ill Child His Dream Of Meeting Hellboy .

And Here’s The Suck – Yesterday I was being optimistic, focusing on the good things that have been happening for the Brewers this year.  Let’s flip that around now & look at the negatives that have plagued this season.  You have to start out with the injuries, to lose your starting shortstop & first baseman followed by your catcher is ridiculous.  Sure, Lucroy will be back at some point but it’s still hurting the team right now.  After that it’s an obvious choice: The bullpen.  The bullpen’s ability to blow leads this season has been one of the most frustrating things all year when it comes to this team.  Lastly, I’ll offer up the overall inconsistency of the team, which can’t seem to string together multiple good outings for longer than even two games.  Weigh in on your choice below.

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