Kelly wrote a killer POV on why the Packers extended an olive branch to Favre for the Hall of Fame Holmgren induction dinner, and John wrote something over at DFB that was just as great. I see their points. Favre was/is a defining moment(s) in Holmgren’s career. This is an opportunity for us to smooth the path a bit and perhaps pave the way for Favre to repair a relationship with a fan base that supported him for so long.

I’m doubtful it will happen.

I just can’t agree that I want him anywhere near Green Bay on July 21, 2012 . I became a Packers fans in 1992 because I believed in the QB that completed his first pass to himself. We all felt it when he came out about his drug usage. We felt the exihiliration when we finally won a Super Bowl. We felt his pain when he played a game the day after his dad passed away.

I didn’t care when he went to the Jets – in fact, I was happy for him, and happy that he could continue his career when I felt the Packers handled it poorly. When he decided to play for the Vikings though, it felt like a cheating boyfriend who wanted to throw it in your face in the form of Facebook pictures. You had to see him every Sunday. You couldn’t avoid the coverage. You couldn’t avoid how well he was playing, or what happened when he played the Packers for the first time wearing purple.

For the first time, I saw Favre as an egotistical player who could care less for the people who had supported him for so many years. Not once did he ever acknowledge the wrongdoing of that, preferring to be in the spotlight and doing the whole “woe is me” routine – almost as if we weren’t good enough for him. The Packers organization didn’t mean enough to him. That his years with Holmgren, those years molding him into the player and team leader he is, didn’t matter.

If Favre sets foot anywhere near Holmgren’s induction, the spotlight will automatically be on him. It will take away from a Coach who deserves attention for the milestones he achieved with the Packers organization. He deserves for fans, players and the front office staff to focus on what Mike Holmgren did to turn this organization and the fan’s belief in it around.

It’s selfish, and totally Favre of 2008 and beyond to show up. If he really wants to be a part of the Holmgren Hall of Fame festivities, I suggest he privately reaches out to congratulate the coach and thank him for everything he did. I encourage him to do small tokens to his former teammates to extend his own olive branch, as opposed to blazing in. When you destroy a bridge, you have to build it back brick by brick. He’s done a lot of damage, and I think both from an image and fan standpoint, he’d be wise to stay away.

There are other ways to repair a destroyed relationship – and it starts with change in behavior.

Agree or disagree? (and if you’re going to disagree, tell me why instead of just telling me I know nothing about the Packers :) )


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  • Anita

    Unfortunately, I have to agree. Because of the little box of dramacakes that Favre has opened by being a petulant child, Holmgren’s day would be overshadowed by the Favre Circus. Mike doesn’t deserve that. The day should be about HIM. If Brett had just answered the invite right away (either saying he would be there, or politely declining and offing his congratulations), this wouldn’t be happening.

    Now, whether he shows up of not, Holmgren’s day has become All About Brett.

    • Lauren

      Amen, sistafriend. I didn’t want to have to agree, either…. and you make a great point that he should have responded right away in some fashion.

      Instead, he acted very much like the Favre we’ve come to know since he departed the Packers organization.

      I hope Mike’s induction proves to be a bit more about him than a media circus.

      • Anita

        Just think of all the respect he would have gained BACK from fans if he had said, “Thanks, but I don’t want Mike’s day to be overshadowed by my presence.” Simple. And it would have accomplished so much. Congratulating the man who had the patience enough to stick with him when he was a young QB making bad decisions (on AND off the field), showing fans that he was capable of pushing ego aside and thinking of someone other than himself, AND that perhaps someday, fences COULD be mended between the Packers, their fans, and Brett.

        But, noooo……

  • Uncle Mike

    I’m not a Packer fan, nor a fan of a team that might consider the Packers a rival, so I don’t have a stake in this. If Favre attends, he could do himself some good by not speaking. If he does speak, he could do himself even more good by praising Holmgren, especially if he says something like, “I wouldn’t have made it without him” — which is probably true.

  • Colleen

    I actually find this a perfect moment for Brett to start the healing process. Show up, shut up, say wonderful things about Mike and move on.

    I don’t think he’s capable of it yet, and maybe he never will be. But it would be a start.

    That said, if he doesn’t show, he’s the divacakes I believe him to be. And I’m okay with that too.

  • John Rehor

    The entire issue IMO is the public knowledge of the invite. If Harlan had never said what he did, and there was an invite to Favre that was kept quiet, he could do what he wanted and few (if any) would ever know about it. But because it is public knowledge, Favre now has to decide whether to attend, and regardless of what he does, his actions will be examined every possible way. If he goes, it will likely be interpreted as he went to upstage Holmgren on his night. If he doesn’t attend, he’s likely to be seen as giving the middle finger to the Packers, and perhaps more importantly, their fans yet again.

    In some respects, Favre is in a no win situation.

    Will definitely be interesting to see what he decides to do.

  • Richard

    Lauren – you know nothing about the Packers :)

    This is the perfect place for him to show up. It’s the closest he can get to GB w/o making up w/ Mike and Ted. And it’s to honor a man whose fame goes hand in hand w/ Favre’s despite the fact that both had success outside of GB (and neither left on the best of terms)

    I was going to say something here, but for brevity’s sake I’ll finish #gopackgo & #favre4life