The debate right now for the Brewers seems to be fire sale vs buying to win.

I’m new to this Brewers fandom, I freely admit. I also admit that despite that Packers sucking the vast majority of the first 30 years of my life, I’ve gotten used to them winning. And giving their all to achieve that end.

So I don’t understand fire sales.

The Brewers have been supremely frustrating to me. They are, often, sooooo close to being good, even actually achieving that status at points. Then another game will come along and they all seem to take a page from The Legend of Tim Dillard. The bullpen seems to be the most obvious culprit. Batting can be inconsistent, but I’ve learned enough by now to know that some pitchers seems to have the Brewers’ collective number, and that is what it is. The starting pitching staff, particularly with the addition of Mike Fiers, is doing fairly well. My favorite player, Nori Aoki, has been a welcome bright spot in particular for the offense, Hart seems to be justifying my drafting him first in DCGB (to much hooting and derision), I don’t want to send Maldonado back to the minors and of course there’s always Braun. Even Weeks has shown signs of life recently. Unlike some people, I don’t blame all this on Ron Roenicke. But that’s a different post that someone else needs to write.

This team is or has been down several people – Gamel, Gonzalez, Gomez, currently Lucroy (who apparently has a silent ‘G’ in his name, based on the rest of the list) – and yet they threaten to achieve getting to .500 for their win-loss record, which seems to mean something promising to so many of my fellow fans.

So why give up now?

Why not try to win? I know keeping Greinke could be expensive, but for the most part I think it might be worth doing. Why not do a little buying and see what happens? Yes, I know Milwaukee is a small market team, no doubt with a budget, and buying is a bit fraught with peril depending on what is out there, but surely there is something better than Tim Dillard or Jose Veras available for a relief pitcher. (Hell, I think I might be better than Tim Dillard, and I need a job. Hire me, Ron.) I realize that the farm system seems to not be a place brimming with potential talent, and that needs to be addressed. But I don’t get not trying to win RIGHT NOW.

The more I learn this year, the more I realize that baseball is a very different animal than football. If the Brewers do indeed sell I will still be a fan. I’m too far gone down that path now to turn back. But I just don’t understand giving up, and to me that’s what a fire sale says. We don’t care about how the rest of the season goes. We. give. up.

Let’s go crazy, Brewers, and see if it doesn’t just pay off.

(Now, feel free to tell me why I’m wrong. I know you’re dying to.)


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  • Chris

    Not bad for a newby…

    Glad you laid it out there for us. Of course, I don’t disagree with your take, so naturally I am OK with it.

  • Colleen

    Thank you for reading, sir, always an honor when you do. And of course you agree with me, you’re very smart. ;)