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Some Hard Decisions Loom – If there is one thing Brewers’ owner is Mark Attanasio is, it’s a savvy business person.  This business sense is what had turned the Brewers back into a competitive & profitable organization in recent years.  Attanasio knew to succeed on the business part, he had to make sure the product on the field was worth watching which for the most part he has to the tune of 3 million tickets sold to Miller Park for the past couple years.  Here’s where the problem lies, the Brewers are not playing great baseball, sometimes it’s not even good baseball. The Brewers also have a depleted farm system. Lastly, the Brewers have one very tradable player which could fetch a handsome price in prospects in Zach Greinke.  This is where the baseball person & the business person in Mark Attanasio will have a serious conversation.  From a baseball stand point, with the way this season is going, it makes sense to trade Greinke for prospects to bolster the farm system which will help in the future.  From the business standpoint, it makes sense to hold on to Greinke because if you trade him it hurts the quality of the product on the field & keeping butts in the seats of Miller Park.  Both courses of action have merit, both have drawbacks. While I have no idea what  Attanasio will choose to do come July, I do know one thing – I’m glad it’s not my decision.

And speaking of the Brewers, they’ll be opening up a weekend series in Arizona, where it actually may be cooler than it is here in Wisconsin right now. Have a great weekend, try to stay cool & we’ll see you back here Monday morning.

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