This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is International Singers.

Emma Marrone (Italy)

Another Sunday of extra innings yesterday as Offense and Bullpen Can’t Back Up Fiers Great Start, Brewers Lose to White Sox 1-0 in 10 Innings .

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And you thought a bird flying into a window was bad… Cow Sees Reflection in Window, Charges into House .

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Some Excerpts From Life’s Instruction Manual .

Seen This Before – The only bright side of the Brewers’ losing effort yesterday was at least it wasn’t drawn out over 15 innings, only the one extra one.  Losing these close games seems to becoming par for the course for the Brewers of late. As hopeful as I can be about this team turning things around, I may just have to start conceding it may not happen & this will be what we get from them the rest of the season.  There will be flashes of greatness, however most of those will be overshadowed by waves of mediocrity.

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