Interesting point made by  Marc Normandin  writing for  Baseball Nation  about the tough season Rickie Weeks is having:

The obvious culprit is his batting average on balls in play. Weeks is at just .223, a large part of which might be attributable to luck: on liners, Weeks has .474 BABIP, whereas the league average is .718. The part that isn’t luck is Weeks’ own doing, as he’s struggled when behind in the count this year, hitting just .158/.165/.250, and is even worse — both relative to league-average and to his own performance — with two strikes on him.

Weeks generally hits both lefties and righties well, but the right-handed second baseman has been unable to do anything against the latter in 2012. It seems as if his timing is off, whether due to a hitch in his swing or an undisclosed injury is unknown:  he hasn’t hit fastballs in the way he normally does , is having difficulty protecting the plate, and is whiffing more than he ever has.

Weeks had three hits and (another) walk in the Brewers loss to Minnesota on Sunday, showing signs he is breaking out of his season-long funk. Or that his luck is evening out. Or both.


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  • Colleen

    Hopefully the trend continues.