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This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Euro 2012 WAGs.

Sarah Brandner

Well, this is getting tiresome, Brewer Bullpen Drops Another, 4-3 To Royals In Eleven Innings .

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Some more Bucks Draft rumors, Meyers Leonard, Tyler Zeller, Terrence Ross, Perry Jones III And John Henson Atop Bucks’ Wish List?

Madtown Badgers has 5 Badgers With the Most to Prove .

Paint Touches with a MUBB 2013 recruiting update: Marquette looking at shooting guards.

Because really, we needed this: Mike Tyson performs the beautifully touching “LeBron James” on Jimmy Kimmel .

Didn’t take long, Dolphins signing of Chad Ochocinco gets Taiwanese animation .

Legos are cool, till you step on with bare feet, 20 Famous Film Scenes in LEGO Form .

I just thought the title of this was really, really funny for some reason: The 8 Most Unfortunate Clothing Items A Woman Can Be Wearing When She Gets Laid Unexpectedly .

This was written by a woman, so obviously some won’t apply but for the most part a lot of them apply, 20 Things I Did In College That I Will Never Do Again .

Some originally Rejected Designs for the Great Seal of the United States , most for good reason it would appear.

‘I ain’t got time to bleed’, Happy 25th Birthday Predator .

Didn’t I Just Talk About This – Yesterday morning I lamented the performance of K-Rod in not being able to hold a lead, guess everyone else in the bullpen got jealous I didn’t mention them.  K-Rod actually held last night in his appearance in the 8 th but then John Axford coming into close in the 9 th allowed the Royals to tie things up at 3-3.  Manny Parra, he of my Pantheon of Scorn from a couple years ago, actually held in the 10 th . Kameron Loe in the 11 th though loaded the bases making things tough then for Jose Veras who walked in the winning run.  Out of all those pitchers I just mentioned, the one that has to concern everyone the most is Axford of late.  I hate to pile on ‘The Ax Man’ because he seems to be a really likeable guy but losing leads is not the job the Brewers is not the reason the Brewers have him in that closers spot for.  Pitchers go through bad stretches, we all know this, I just hope Axford can figure out how to end his bad stretch sooner rather than later or we’ll be seeing a lot more of the Twitter hashtag #TwitterToughGuy , however some of those comments made may become more & more valid.

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  • Colleen

    You be nice to Ax. I like him. The bullpen as a whole…problem.