This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women From Game of Thrones.

Natalie Dormer

That’s one way to bounce back as the Brewers Answered Cubs Shutout With a Shutout of Their Own in 8-0 Win .

The biggest reason for that shutout was Zach Greinke on the mound who racked up 12K’s in the effort .

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That’s Better – Coming off of a pretty embarrassing outing the night before, the Brewers got a measure of vindication with a shutout of their own over the Cubs last night.  After working out of some trouble in the 2 nd inning Zach Grienke simply dominated the Cubs, notching 12 strikeouts, a new record for him. Every time I see Greinke pitching like that it’s almost bitter sweet.  Unless the Brewers can get some things turned around I fear that the only true ace on this pitching staff won’t be on the staff come late July/early August. That’s not to mention that should Greinke last the season with the Brewers there’s still no guarantee he’d be with the team next year once he hits the open market, a market for him which may be too rich for the Brewers to play in.  For now I’ll put those thoughts away & just enjoy watching him pitch no matter how much all that may still be in the back of my head.

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