This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women From Game of Thrones.

Carice van Houten

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They Exist, They Do – Seeing as the Brewers start a series with the Cubs tonight, I thought I’d recap a meeting I had this past weekend up in Rhinelander with a Cubs fan.  You may ask, how did I know he was a Cubs fan at first?  The hat & t-shirt he was wearing was a good indication.  Off the bat though we got along and after some good natured ribbing of each other had most likely the best general baseball conversation I’ve had so far this year.  We talked about our respective teams, we talked about how he (living in Las Vegas) became a Cubs fan & most importantly we talked about our shared love of baseball.  Was a nice way to spend part of that late afternoon, even if I did have to spend it with a Cubs fan. We often hear about the ‘bad behavior’ of rival teams’ fans but for every ‘bad’ one that’s out there there’s just as many ‘good’ ones, we just hear about them often enough.

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  • Becky Engelson Ryals

    Looking forward to the Cubs-Brewers series this week. Winning would be nice, but the fun is in the game itself. We’ll be cheering for the Cubbies at Miller Park tomorrow night, but either way it’s a win as we now live behind the Cheddar curtain again.

  • Anita

    All the Brewers have to do is wave shiny things at Soriano while he stands in the outfield. The man belongs in the AL where he never has to actually TOUCH a ball with his hands again!