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The Year of the DL – The Brewers really just can’t catch a break this year.  It started early with Chris Narveson losing his season then Mat Gamel & Alex Gonzalez and not perhaps the biggest blow, Jonathan Lucroy out 4-6 weeks with a broken right hand.  Lucroy’s injury didn’t even happen on the field either which just leads to believe this team can’t catch a break.  Lucroy was tearing things up so far this season & was one of the few good highlights of this early season.  If there’s a silver lining I guess it would be that Lucroy isn’t lost for the season like the three previous players, but for a team that needs all the help it can get right now, Lucroy’s absence on the field will be no small one.

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  • Justin

    Brewers didn’t have a chance this year even if the injuries didn’t occur. I hope the injuries don’t provide people with false hope that the Brewers would have done well again this year without them. Our farm system is far too weak.