This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is women older than me.

Eva Mendes

Disciples of Uecker presents some options to replace DL’d Marco Estrada for the Brewers .

Brew Crew Ball shows you What An Overtaxed Bullpen Looks Like .

Miller Park Drunk with Earl Weaver vs Ron Roenicke .

Some high praise here, Jeff Saturday Compares Aaron Rodgers Favorably to Peyton Manning .

All Green Bay Packers has a Way-Too-Early Packers 53-man Roster and Depth Chart Prediction .

247 Sports takes a look at some breakout players in the Big Ten Leaders Division .

Well, OK… Topless Women Threaten To Make The Euro 2012 Tournament More Exciting .

Really, words to heed: The Swanson Guide to Spring/Summer Relaxation .

Some suggested Books That Lebron James Needs To Read Besides “The Hunger Games” .

Here are Bill Murray’s 10 Most Internet Bait-able Moments .

Taking a look at some of The Most Random “World’s Largest” World Records .

Something similar used to happen to me in college, but it was because I’d pass out & my roommates were evil: The 8 best things ever drawn on people who fell asleep in the sun .

Now this is something I could see myself doing, Photobombing Landmarks With Souvenirs .

Have Fun But Remember – Usually if you’ve actually gotten down this far in the Daybreak Doppler you’re expecting to read some opinion or occasionally insight I have on something sports related.  This morning I have nothing really to comment on in the way of Brewers, Packers, Badgers, Bucks or Golden Eagles.  All I do want to say is get out there and have fun over the long weekend but take a moment to remember why we have Memorial Day in the first place.  My annual tradition, small as it may be, is to buy a new US flag each year over this weekend, hang it up & then take a moment to thank all those who have made putting up that new flag possible with their ultimate sacrifice.  I then usually will go back to drinking beer on my deck, which in some ways is also possible for the same reasons as hanging that new flag.

One programming note, there will not be a Daybreak Doppler on Memorial Day Monday because no one will be around to read it, we’ll be back on schedule starting Tuesday.  So to all I wish you pleasant Memorial Day Weekend & we’ll catch you back here Tuesday morning.

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  • http://PocketDoppler Carol

    Well said re: why we have Memorial Day in the first place. Thank you Wally. I’ve noticed the American flag that proudly waves above my mailbox has been looking a bit faded, I think I’ll follow your tradition and put up a new one this weekend. And a heartfelt “thank you” to all who serve and have served, and to everyone…..have a safe and fun long weekend!