Well, you know the answer to that by now, don’t you?



I guess Charity Driver wasn’t impressed! Poor lil’ peanut.

So, I lied.  By request ( and I’m not telling you who, for her own protection ), and since DONALD DRIVER WON , I am writing ONE MORE DWTS post.

First off, let’s see what kind of press our boy is getting!

People: Donald Driver: Dancing Win Feels Same as Super Bowl

People wins the Hyperbole Bowl

People TV Watch: Donald Driver Crowned Dancing with the Stars Winner

USA Today: Driver Carries the Mirror Ball Trophy on ‘Dancing’

ESPN: Donald Driver Wins Dancing with the Stars

Sports Illustrated: Green Bay Packers’ Donald Driver is new Dancing cham p

What do you know? SI and ESPN like Girly Fluff and Filler, too!

Huffington Post: ‘Dancing With the Stars’  Winner: Donald Driver wins Season 14

NY Daily News: Donald Driver Takes Home Mirror Ball

MTV: Donald Driver Wins Dancing with the Stars

Deadspin: Donald Driver Wins Dancing with the Stars, Earns 15 Yard Penalty for Excessive Celebration

And the esteemed:

Celebrity Gossip.Net: Donald Driver and Peta Murgatroyd Win Dancing with the Stars

Not to be forgotten:

ESPN Milwaukee’s Jason Wilde:   Driver Wins Dancing with the Stars

So…ummmm….did someone perhaps mention that this “dancing show” was no big deal? Or say they weren’t going to watch it because they were afraid that they were going to grow a vagina by doing so? ( Sounds like   Dan Needles ) Judging from the press this win is receiving, I’d say it’s kind of a big deal as far as pop culture is concerned. That list is mainstream media….along with some niche gossip blog I found when I Googled!  Plus, does anyone really give a shit about American Idol anymore?


The Finale Results show is basically 2 hours of filler where the dancers who were eliminated this season, return to dance one more time. Kelly Clarkson sang. Jaleel came back and creeped me out with his Shaft routine. Considering the blow up that he supposedly had with his dance partner , and how Mark and Donald reportedly had to intervene, do you think a routine where he’s leering, glaring and pushing women around was a smart move? Maybe it’s just me, but I say no.

Sherrie Shepard dancing to “It’s Raining Men,” surrounding herself with pro dancing hotties, was campy and hilarious.

Gavin still can’t dance a lick, but he’s such a decent guy that I can’t help but like him.

Gladys Knight danced, and then sang a tear jerking tribute to the three finalists. She’s so ding-dang cute.



Peta and Katherine cried. Donald and Mark looked like they were fighting it. William and Cheryl seemed calm. I almost got the impression that they knew they weren’t going to win and just wanted all the filler to be over with.

The night dragged. You actually had to wait an hour and 45 minutes before the three final couples danced their final dances for the judges, with scores supposedly added to the previous night’s.  The results eliminating the third place couple didn’t happen until there was seven minutes left in the two hour broadcast.





William and Cheryl, Salsa (30/30) : Ummm. Does William dance the Salsa EVERY week? It certainly seems like it and I think that cost him momentum. All of his dances seem the same, now. If it wasn’t for middle aged women, would he have even made the Finals? The dance was good, but it was more of the same old, same old  ass shaking and Cheryl grinding against him. Who da thunk that that would get boring after awhile?

Katherine and Mark, Jive (30/30): It was quick and adorable. One of the knocks on Mark is that, like his buddy Derek, he tends to showcase himself rather than his partner with his routines. This season, he toned that down. However, it showed up last night with his leaps and spins. It was still a great routine, however, and in the end, Mark was extremely gracious to Donald and Peta after they announced the winners.  Would a perfect 90/90 for the two nights, be enough to hold off the NFL/Packer fan voting machine?

Donald and Peta, Cha-Cha-Cha (30/30): Sensing a pattern? Yeah, they all got perfect scores, meaning that the fan votes would be the determining factor  Fan votes? We got this, Packer fans.

Just in case anyone thinks that dance looks familiar, it’s basically his Week One routine, set to different music. Hey, they were exhausted and had only ONE DAY to learn a routine. Maybe  Kat and Willy did the same thing. I don’t remember their routines from week to week. I know that they were usually GOOD, and both deserved to finish the season in the top three, ( or maybe four, depending on how much you liked Maria, Roshon or Jaleel )  but they never grabbed me and said, “THIS routine will knock your socks off,” and there are those that do each year. Donald’s three way Jive and his Freestyle will be remembered for seasons to come.

In case you’d like to compare and see if Donald and Peta’s Freestyle actually IS one of the “best ever,” these are considered the Top Five DWTS routines of all time . This video includes “Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy,”  the routine that Donald and Peta honored with their country-themed Freestyle. Interesting to watch the two back to back.

Now, this really IS my last DWTS update, unless some Packer joins up again next season. It was a pleasure to watch Donald’s journey and we’re all SO proud of him. Congratulations also goes to Peta, who went from being eliminated FIRST when partnered with Mr. Personality, Metta World Peace last season, to CHAMPION this season. She beat Mark (two Mirror Balls with Shawn Johnson and Kristi Yamaguchi ), Cheryl ( two Mirror Balls with Emmit Smith and Drew Lachey ) , and Derek ( three Mirror Balls with Jennifer Grey, Nicole Scherzinger, and Brooke Burke ). What a difference a partner makes!

Peta, as an honorary Cheesehead for the rest of your life, please come to a Packer game! And bring your rumored stud muffin boyfriend, Maks, too!

I close my last DWTS update with these two total cheeseballs:



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    Somewhere in northern California, Darla Rodgers has hit the twenty year mark of being irritated with that damn Macho Man Randy Savage Impersonation. Christmas and Thanksgiving family events were bad enough, but now the whole world got to share in her agony.

    • Anita

      I picture her watching and shaking her head, “Oh, Aaron….”

      • Colleen

        Those boys are so damned cute.

  • Barb Gutermuth

    WOOHOOOOOOOO Anita!!! Thank you so much for writing this!! yes, im not ashamed to say it, im the one who asked her if this wasa going to be written. love ya girly!!

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      Thanks, Barb! My pleasure! And I knew you’d love that “good-bye” video from those two!

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