This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is women older than me.

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Same Ole, Same Ole – Following a day where the Brewers put up 16 runs, when they needed the hits last night it just wasn’t happening.  Sure, Braun made things exciting with his 2 run shot to tie things up in the 8 th but then nothing else happened with the Brewers offense missing multiple chances for a walk off win.  I don’t expect the Brewers to put up double digits every night, that’s not realistic.  I don’t think it’s too much though to ask they figure out how to convert opportunities when they are there though, the team has the talent to do so they just seem not to. While I’m griping this morning, Randy Wolf is becoming more & more of a liability as well. Sure, Wolf shut things down after giving up that 3 run homer in the first but you can’t consistently put your team in a hole to start things off which is something we’re seeing a lot from Wolf.  I’ll stick to my mantra of ‘there’s still time to turn things around’ for right now as there is & I still believe this team can do it. I just wish they’d quit testing my belief so often.

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