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Jessica Alba

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Maybe This Is What They Are – Let’s look back at this week’s play so far from the Brewers.  Monday:  Almost got shut out by the Mets against the almost geriatric Miguel Batista, lost 3-1 . Tuesday: An almost perfect game where both pitching & hitting came alive, beat the Mets 8-0. Wednesday: Randy Wolf gets shelled, no one can hit minus a solo shot from Hart & Lucroy pinch hitting. Thursday: Last was a familiar tale of lost RISP opportunities with the Brewers unable to plate even a single run. Now, I’ve been watching baseball long enough to know that any team will have a bad night, but generally good times will offset those bad nights by several good ones.  Here’s the problem, I really have no idea where to rate this 2012 Brewers squad.  Tuesday night was a great example of what the team can do, but then the night after they scuffle incredibly.  It’s like trying to figure out whether Jekyll or Hyde will show up on any given night.  So maybe this is just what this team will be, one which runs hot & cold on a night to night, game to game.  I just hope at the end of the season, there are more hot nights than cold ones.

The Twins come into Miller Park this weekend so let’s see which Brewers team shows up to play them. Have a great weekend everyone, get outside & enjoy the nice weather it appears we’ll be having & we’ll see you back here on Monday morning.

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