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Jordana Brewster

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If I Have To, I Have To – Over the past month there seems to be more & more speculation and reading material on Donald Driver. I’m not talking about DWTS coverage though, I’m talking about people voicing their opinions that Driver may very well have played his last season with the Green & Gold.  I’ve been, most likely subconsciously, ignoring the fact the Packers have four solid wide receivers on the roster not including Driver & two very promising players in Gurley & Borel who could crack the roster this year.  What does that mean for the 37 year-old Driver?  Realistically, mostly likely not good things as it relates to him suiting up for the Packers.  As much as I’ll hate to see the day arrive, I think it’s mostly likely about time I start to prepare myself for the inevitable, a 2012 Packers team without Donald Driver on it. It’s a little sad just typing that.

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  • Anita

    You know, sometimes the best BUSINESS decision isn’t the best thing for the TEAM. I accepted the Favre decision because I felt it was time, and felt that losing Aaron Rodgers was too steep a price to pay if Favre came back. However, there has to be a way to keep Driver. There just HAS to be. Is there a better man in the locker room and in the community? He’s not injured, or playing on creaky joints that seem to be finally giving out, like Tausch and Clifton.

    Seriously. I didn’t hate Ted Thompson in 2008. But, this might push me over the edge.

    • Colleen

      I think Donald’s willing to do what it takes to stay, and the leadership/locker room vibe DD brings is invaluable. Plus he can still PLAY. I hope TT does the right thing. I think MM going to the DWTS this week sends a signal that he values and cares about Donald and knows the fans do too.