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Officially the Unofficial Start of the 2012 Packers Season – This weekend is Packer Rookie orientation which as far as I’m concerned means the 2012 Packers season starts now.  This will be the first opportunity for the coaches to work with the new players drafted a few weeks ago as well as the undrafted free agents.  For almost every one of these new guys, it’s most likely the first time they’ve ever been to Wisconsin, much less Green Bay.  It’ll be the first time for them to get a feel for what being a Packer is & what it means to the fans & community.   Sure, chances are better than not most of the men participating in this weekend’s activities won’t be here come the first game of the season, that’s just the nature of things.  That being said, for this weekend & into this Summer, they’re all Packers now which is something the majority of us out there will never have a chance to say.

The Brewers will be back on the diamond tonight after an off day, starting a weekend series with the Cubs. I will also, for the first time this year, be able to sit out on my deck tonight & enjoy a warm Friday evening listening to them.  I hope you get the same opportunity.  Enjoy the weekend all & we’ll see you back here on Monday morning.

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  • Colleen

    Does this mean I can start wearing my Packers gear now? ;)

    • Wally

      Well, you know my steadfast rules on team apparel & when it’s permissible to wear said apparel but then I don’t expect everyone to adhere to my strict (some would say moronic) guidelines.

      • Colleen

        But you SAID the season started!

        Signed, the person who wears Packers gear 12 months out of the year.