This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is women from the countries of the Romance Languages.

Joana Duarte (Portugal)

It wasn’t the return home to Miller Park we wanted as a Reds Five-Run Fourth Inning More Than Enough to Defeat Brewers 6-1 .

Ryan at Disciples of Uecker looks at replacements for Alex Gonzale s, more on that below.

Brian’s latest Point of Veau: Because of Suspensions, Worthy Won’t Be Brought Along Slowly .

Speaking of suspensions, new Packer Anthony Hargrove Will Appeal His Saints Bounty Suspension .

Kris recalls his Saturday Stroll With Packers TE Tom Crabtree from the JDRF Walks this past weekend.

Brew Hoop on Ersan Ilyasova, 2012 NBA Free Agency And How A Good Thing Becomes A Problem .

Here are The 21 Goofiest Hats At The 2012 Kentucky Derby .

I could believe this, Cole Hamels Apologizes for Not Hitting Bryce Harper in His Stupid Face .

I’m guilty of  quite a few of these signs you’re a coffee addict .

I haven’t seen this yet so can’t comment on these 11 Random Thoughts on The Avengers .

Yeah, someone should probably change this, Sign unintentionally reinforces worst German stereotype possible .

This would be just great, If Photoshop Could Solve Our Real-Life Problems, Too .

The 20 Hottest Photos of Sienna Miller .

So What Now – In the Disciples of Uecker article I linked to above, Ryan does a great job of laying out some possible replacements for now lost for the season Alex Gonzalez.  Can’t believe we’re even having this discussion seeing as we were just talking about replacements for Mat Gamel last week, it’s really pretty sad then you think about it.  Out of the choices Ryan lays out my preference would be Barmes from the Pirates as I think he’s most likely the best all-around player on the list.  Problem is of course the Pirates may not want to do anything till close to the trade deadline which leaves a whole for a pretty long time.  I’ll put my trust in Attanasio & Melvin that they’ll do something to fill the position, just not sure how quickly they can do it & what damage will be while they’re working on it.

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