At the risk of being taken to task for writing a ‘fluff’ piece about baseball, which at all times and in all places be treated with the dignity and gravitas that only hallowed images such as the one above evokes – I’m writing about baseball anyway.

Since I’ve had a bit of time on my hands over the past month, I’ve had more time to devote to Brewers’ baseball than I ever thought I would. This has been both a blessing and a curse. A blessing, because I’ve gotten to enjoy some classic Bob Uecker moments (cutting loose and blasting someone, I presume a producer, while thinking he was off the air, for instance); and a curse because the Brewers damn well seem to be under some sort of dark cloud.

I may have already been assimilated into the ranks of befuddled Brewers fans who embrace the prospect of the ultimate success at the beginning of the season only to have their hopes dashed at the feet of the baseball gods yet again, sometimes at the very end of the season. Still, I’m trying to hold out some hope, even if it’s as bruised as Brauny’s Achilles tendon at this point.

My impressions so far of the Brewers:

  • I LOVE saying the name ‘Mat Gamel’. There’s just something about the way it rolls off the tongue. As BigSnakeMan said to me when Mat crumpled like a paper bag, ‘You’d better learn to like saying Travis Ishikawa.’ It’s not quite the same, but I’m learning to embrace it. Good luck, Travis.
  • Ryan Braun seems…tentative. I’m not sure if that’s because he isn’t on the juice anymore or he’s too worried that people think if he doesn’t do well this year that his previous success was due to being on the juice, but something is going on in that kid’s brain. (Note: I AM NOT SAYING THAT BRAUN WAS GUILTY OR NOT. GOT IT? IF NOT, PLEASE DIRECT COMPLAINTS TO @WALLYPINGEL.)
  • Axford Saves.
  • The rest of the pitching staff does not save. For the most part, they do not do very well, actually, but I will stop short of using the ‘suck’ word. Yes, I realize there are bright spots, like Greinke. But overall, the pitching is suffering. I don’t know much about pitching stats, but I’m pretty sure that only one pitcher on the roster having a ERA below a ’3′ and only four below a ’4′ is not good news. (See what I did there? I put in a STAT!)
  • Gallardo has to figure out how to pitch against the Cardinals.
  • I’ve had a soft spot for catchers since I loved Johnny Bench as a kid. That hasn’t changed – Kottaras and Lucroy are two of my favorite players, and not only because they get on base consistently.
  • Turns out drafting Corey Hart in the first round of my fantasy league was a really good move.
  • While I really like Rickie Weeks, his struggles to date really have me leaning towards buying that Corey Hart jersey in July.
  • I absolutely hated Joe Block the first couple of weeks I listened to games. He’s growing on me now. I’m not sure if he’s hypnotized me with his ‘measured’ tones or if he’s really started to relax, but at least I’m not cringing at the sound of his voice anymore.
  • I hate the St. Louis Cardinals with every fiber of my being.

I think that last one seals the deal. I really am a Brewers fan. Go Brew Crew!


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  • MsQuarter

    All my gamel-toe jokes are now null and void and filed away for next season…

  • K-Fey

    Block has really grown on me too. I first heard him in spring training and was not too impressed, but every game since I’ve liked him more and more. He really shined in his first game without Ueck (he was off accepting an award), the game where Kottaras hit a walkoff double.

  • Anita

    Colleen. The Brewers have a guy in suspenders that slides down into a mug of beer after a home run, and sausage races between innings. I’m not going to even begin to try to dissect T-Plush. “Dignity and gravitas” are not words that readily come to mind when I think of the Milwaukee Brewers. In fact, anyone that thinks they SHOULD be more dignified and respectful (I’m looking at you, Tony LaRussa) can eat shit. It’s simply not Milwaukee’s style.