This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is NHL Playoffs Ice Girls.

Jenna – Nashville Predators

Two close games, two Brewers walk off wins.  Brew Crew Ball has more on the Brewers’ 10th inning win last night .

Miller Park Drunk on being The Best Milwaukee Brewers Blog In The World .

The Brewers Bar is asking Has Mat Gamel Arrived?

From Bucksketball, So much ninth seed: Wizards 121 – Bucks 112 .

Suppose this qualifies as Packers ‘news’, Driver is Favorite to Win Dancing With The Stars .

All Green Bay Packers with a NFL Draft Profile on FS/CB Trenton Robinson, Michigan St .

Now that the NFL Schedule is out, here are The 10 Most Average Games Of The 2012 Season .

This is true, There’s Never A Bad Time For A ‘Parks And Recreation’ Blooper Reel .

Dude is totally organized, Other Ways “Creepy Finance Guy” Tracked His Dates .

Totally want to visit all of these, The World’s Craziest Bars .

Here are The 7 Reasons Summer Is Better When You’re an Adult , which I belive most of us are.

All of these things are a pain in ass, 25 of the most mildly annoying nuisances on the planet .

It’s educational, because it’s the alphabet: The Sexiest Female Athletes From A to Z .

Never Happen, But Still Fun To Do – So now that we’ve all had a full day & then some to digest the Packers 2012 schedule, I’m sure many of you have mentally played each game in your head & come up with an idea of where you think the Packers will finish up record-wise. When I look at the schedule I see only a couple games that actually worry me.  Those would be the first one against the 49ers & the game in New York against the Giants.  I thought about the Saints game, but I really think that team will be in such disarray this year they’ll be a shadow of themselves.  In the division, the Lions will be a tough challenge but I don’t think enough of one to unseat the Packers as North Division Champions.  So this is a little braver than I normally am, but I’ll put it on paper now that come December 30th after the last game is over, the Packers will be 14-2.  Book it.

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  • Anita

    Wow. 14-2. You are much more confident than I am. Maybe I’m still suffering through flashbacks of that crapworthy performance vs the Giants, which made the 15-1 regular season look like it was due to being the beneficiary of playing weaker teams.

    Speaking of weak, how did the New England Patriots end up with the easiest schedule (based on last year’s records) in the league for 2012, while their Super Bowl opponents, The Giants, have the hardest (but the Packers cannot be far behind in degree of difficulty)?