This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is NHL Playoffs Ice Girls.

Annie – Pittsburgh Penquins

The Brewers Bar with a Dodgers @ Brewers series preview which starts tonight .

Miller Park Drunk reviews the Brewers 2011 Season DVD .

From, Defense Should be Top Priority in 1st Round .

Kris over at All Green Bay Packers has his review of Last Day at Lambeau .

Been hearing this name a lot lately, Shea McClellin Becoming A Popular Pick For Green Bay Packer s.

Phil at B5Q with a Badgers Weekend Hoops Recap .

Cracked Sidewalks is looking ahead and wondering Could Marquette have most balanced team in 2012-13; and another 3-seed?

This sounds about right, Jose Canseco believes Global Warming would have kept Titanic from sinking .

And well deserved I may add, The Rally Squirrel Is On The St. Louis Cardinals’ World Series Rings .

Some gems here, Splendidly Bad Sports Illustrated Predictions From the 2000s .

Yep, Girlfriend Hire Is The Saddest Website Of The Month .

10 Dumbest Things About Bodybuilding , which is why of course I don’t bother with working out.

Very revealing…horrible, horrible pun there, SNL Explains The Nudity In Game Of Thrones .

Lindsay Ellingson doing what she does.

More Proof The NFL Rules – I remember a while back when I was working for a company which sold Packers tickets & tours and how much work went into the day the Packers schedule was announced.  Back then though the schedule just came out sometime in the afternoon with little to no fanfare.  These days of course, the NFL being what it is, the release of the 2012 schedule is treated with fanfare and pomp in prime time where ESPN & the NFL Network will be having special programming for it.  For fans, particularly Packers fans, the release of the NFL schedule has become an event as well.  Most everyone I know will be glued to the TV or Internet waiting for the Packers schedule to be announced so they can start planning trips either for real or just initial plans in their heads. So to everyone out there, happy NFL Schedule Day, soon to become a National Holiday I’m sure.

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