So it’s opening day, right Brewers fans?

As @kylegravlin said on Twitter (one of our Boise weather guys, a damn NY Giants & Yankees fan and a tormentor of me and my cousin, who works at the same station) I ‘pretend’ I’m from Wisconsin.

He was teasing, but he’s got a point. I get asked every week or so if I’m from Wisconsin. Honest enough mistake, I suppose. It started with this Packers thing which was handed down to me by my Dad and reinforced in me by Jerry Kramer. But over the past year something else has happened. I have a Wisconsin Badger shirt that I donned fairly religiously on basketball game days, and I actually was watching the Rose Bowl with a passionate eye. The other day, I debated the pros and cons of Danny O’Brien.

Now it’s the Brewers. I am a bit of a lapsed Giants fan – the first game I ever saw was at Candlestick Park and it was back when the Giants were really good – Matt Williams played for them, he was from Carson City, I lived in Reno and yeah, I get hooked in like that. I went to several games over the years, including a memorable 4th of July game where it was so cold I bought my then five year old son a $28 sweatshirt (and in 1997 that was a boatload of cash for a little kid’s souvenir at a ballpark) because we’d driven down from Napa Valley where it was 85 degrees and forgot that cold and foggy are a staple of that particular venue which means one might want to wear a coat. You couldn’t even see the fireworks because of the fog.

I also played softball (badly) for years. I might have been bad, but I was competitive. I’d sacrifice my body for the ball, I’d play hurt. I’d play ‘Centerfield’ on my tape player (I am old, right?) before every game to get pumped up.

For a long time, I’d kind of forgotten how much I liked the game. We have a small farm team here in Boise but I was pretty much the only one who liked going to games, so we quit doing that and the Giants had lost their charm (thanks to Barry Bonds).

In this last year, I’ve gotten reawakened to my love of baseball. I blame fellow PD staff persons BigSnakeMan, Chris – and Dick Chang. The first two because they love the Brewers and obviously get excited about them which is infectious (and I was in Green Bay for Brewers madness over Throwback Weekend) – and Chang for starting a DCGB fantasy league. (Yes, I was among those that begged him to do so. You should check out his blog , which will include weekly updates on our shenanigans.) So, now I know things like I have an odd fondness for pronouncing the name Mat Gamel, I shouldn’t have drafted Corey Hart because he was hurt (but, hey, I didn’t draft Ryan Howard, either, now did I?), that Rickie Weeks is a hell of a guy and that Ryan Braun will get yelled at for being ‘on the juice’ in St. Louis. (All Brewers will get yelled at in St. Louis, but you see my point.) I’m hooked, and looking forward to this season, especially the prospect of actually attending a game at Miller Park.

You can bet at 2:10 pm today Mountain Daylight Time, I’ll be listening to Bob Uecker on my phone because I can’t get the game on TV here. And when Bob’s voice comes on, I’ll be smiling. Just as if I was from Wisconsin.

Go Brewers!


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