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This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is MLB WAGs.

Shannon James (Hunter Pence)

Even though the MLB season official started yesterday, most teams are still in camp as our the Brewers where a Huge 5th Inning Propels Milwaukee to 7-1 Victory .

Brew Crew Ball is having some fun with A Quick Look At A Few Brewer Proposition Bets For 2012 .

Miller Park Drunk on Forward Fabrics to Host Thing .

Madtown Badgers looks back at the year of Wisconsin basketball .

Obviously the big news yesterday was Danny O’Brien choosing to come to transfer to Wisconsin , more on that below.

Carriveau touches on the Packers will be in More Base Defense, Fewer Subpackages Could Be In Store ,

Cracked Sidewalks is counting down the 10 best duos in MU history 35 years after the national title .

One classy dude, really: Jeremy Lin Reached Out to Fired ESPN Editor Anthony Federico and Had Lunch With Him .

Awww, poor guy…I mean girl…it? Snake that mistakenly ate golf balls believing them to be eggs needs surgery .

Pretty sure most of these people aren’t employed where these happened anymore, 10 insanely unprofessional workplace screw-ups that will make you feel better about your job performance .

I of course never have to worry about this, Drunk Text Expectations vs. Drunk Text Realities .

Trip down memory lane for some of us, The Most Nostalgia-Inducing ’80s Toys .

Only a couple more says… Eight Game of Thrones Moments I Wish Would Happen (But Won’t) .

The 20 Hottest Photos of Amanda Roadmen

*Whew* UW Has A QB – It was announced yesterday that Quarterback Danny O’Brien, formerly of Maryland, will be transferring to Wisconsin.  This is some tremendous news because up until then, UW was very thin & very inexperienced at QB.  Curt Phillips & Jon Budmayr are both injured, Joel Brennan is totally green around the gills & Joel Stave is a walk-on.  O’Brien brings experience & more importantly 2 years of eligibility as well.  The two years of eligibility is great because it’ll give 4-star QB recruit Bart Houston that much more time to ease into he system.  Now, yes just like Russell Wilson last year O’Brien will have to ‘win’ the starting job but that’s just a formality, let’s be honest here.  Will O’Brien be able to duplicate the performance that Russell Wilson did the year before under the same circumstances?  Most likely not but I would say it’s a safe bet O’Brien’s performance will be better than any of the previous options UW was looking at in the QB spot for this coming year.

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