This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is MLB WAGs.

Anna Torv

Brew Crew Ball recaps the two Brewers’ wins yesterday in split squad action .

Disciples of Uecker with Thirty Bold Predictions for the 2012 Brewers Season .

Bucksketball on the third game, second loss & one reason to worry .

Brew Hoop looks at the current Eastern Conference Playoff Standings: Bucks Still Chasing Knicks .

Badger247 with an early look at the 2012-2013 Wisconsin hoops team & the 5 biggest questions .

Cracked Sidewalks is also looking forward, MU loses 2nd best duo in country, but huge influx of talent projects national contender by 2014 .

Cheesehead TV on how NFL Draft Prospects Continue Wisconsin Offensive Line Legacy .

Welcome to New York! Dancers At New York Strip Club Are Offering Tim Tebow His First Lap Dance .

The Top 5 Things To Do With Busted NCAA Tournament Brackets , which I’m sure most of us have right now.

Chupacabra is fun to say, 8 of the most terrifying legendary creatures .

As fun as this sounds, don’t think I would want to do it, Random Observations About Going on Cancun Spring Break as an Adult .

Speaking from experience, most of these actually work: Ten Guaranteed Ways To Pick Up Women .

Admire these people embracing the situation, The 8 most brilliant T-shirts ever worn by fat people .

Only the Bleacher Report would think of this, The 25 Hottest Female Athletes in Heels .

One More Weekend – The beauty that is March Madness is almost over.  It starts with a full on onslaught for the senses the first weekend, ebbs a bit in the action the second weekend till we only have 2 games to look forward to this Saturday.  It’s almost kind how it eases you off the basketball fix from day to day till nothing is left but busted brackets & thinking of next year.  While we lost both Marquette & Wisconsin earlier than we wanted, the spectacle is still always worth the time even when your teams are out.  Enjoy what’s left, because it’ll be a spell before we see it all again.

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