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Who Goes On? – Here we are again with a Thursday featuring both the Badgers & the Golden Eagles playing.  Unlike last Thursday we’ll have to wait till tonight to see them play but that’s alright as you actually do have to work some times.  Let’s start with the late game where #3 Marquette will take on #7 Florida in the West Region.  Florida is a good offensive team however I think Marquette’s defense will negate that & offensively the Golden Eagles still overmatch the Gators. At the end of the night, Marquette should be advancing to the Elite Eight.  While Marquette will round out the evening of hoops, #4 seeded Wisconsin will start it off when they take on #1 Syracuse in the East Region.  Syracuse likes to create points off turnovers, Wisconsin is stingy with the ball.  Syracuse likes to defend the 3, Wisconsin likes to score most of its points off that shot.  If the Orange force the Badgers to play outside the arc and the Badgers can get hot as well as dictate the pace, I like Bucky’s chances.  However, we’ve seen this team live & die by the 3 all year so it’s hardly a given they’ll be able to execute from there. Are the Badgers capable of pulling the upset here?  Most definitely.  Will they?  Your guess is as good as mine, we’ll all find out together early this evening.

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