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Codi Sichling

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A nice Hope Dworaczyk gallery.

Will Ted Play? – As Packers’ fans we’ve all learned to live with Ted Thompson’s aversion to playing in the free agent market.  With that rare exception of 2006, free agency is not how Thompson builds a team.  I do wonder though if this year may be a little different & my primary reason for saying that is one Scott Wells.  With Wells entering the free agent market Center becomes a very serious need here, in addition to a pass rusher opposite CM3 & depending on Nick Collins’ situation perhaps even Safety.  In the upcoming NFL draft, Peter Konz is really the only sure bet at Center, but will he last to the Packers’ pick?  I kind of doubt it so the only alternative is free agency.  In addition to Wells, who the Packers could very well resign if the market isn’t there, there are a handful of other free agent centers which could be seriously looked at.  So while we’ve become accustomed to seeing little to no action by Thompson in free agency, this year I wouldn’t be surprised if he does wade into those waters.

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