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Olivia Wilde

We now know where every one is seeded & the Badgers get their 4 & will face No. 13 Montana Thursday .

Marquette mean while grabs a No. 3 seed in West region .

Here are the full broadcast schedules for the coming weekend .

The Bucks were in action on Sunday, beating the Raptors 105-99 .

In Spring Training games, the Brewers topped the Rockies 5-4 .

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Hard to avoid any of this,  The five types of Kony Facebook statuses.

Almost feel bad for these superheroes, 10 of the most worthless superhero powers of all-time .

Here you go guys, 6 Ways To Stop Screwing Up With Women .Think we’re all better off then these scenarios, The 7 Worst Sex Lives in the Animal Kingdom .

Leven Rambin in Maxim.

3 & 4 Sounds Right – Both Marquette & Wisconsin ended up where we though they would be during the selection process yesterday.  Both teams should be able to advance beyond their first games, but as we know anything can happen once those games start.  I’m still pretty confident we won’t see any upsets though in this first round when it comes to MU & UW.  Looking past those games, it’s a little harder to say. I would put Marquette’s chances of getting past the first weekend a little better than Wisconsin’s however both should advance.  Games start tomorrow night so buckle up for what is one of the greatest sporting events of the year.

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