This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is athletes.

Nikki Garrett

A valiant effort last night but in the end the result was a familiar one as the Bulls beat the Bucks again .

The Brewers however fared better, beating the White Sox 10-6 in Spring Training action yesterday .

Disciples of Uecker asks will 2012 be Yovani Gallardo’s break out year ?

Madtown Badgers with a preview of the Big Ten Tournament which kicks off today.

Paint Touches on how hard work has paid off for Jae Crowder .

All Green Bay Packers with some thought on Ryan Grant, Free Agency & the Packers .

Total Packers has a hunch that Levi Brown Is The Packers New Left Tackle .

Midwest Sports Fans with 4 Reasons Keeping Peyton Manning Would Have Made Sense For Irsay, Colts .

Please tell me this is a joke… Adidas is releasing hybrid footwear that crosses a sneaker with a cowboy boot .

Have fun with the next team, Peyton Manning’s Best Off the Field Moments as a Colt .

Guilty of a couple of these, past & present, 10 Things You Keep Doing That Are Indicative Of Your Utter Lack Of Willpower .

Some good one in here, The Best Twitter Jokes About the New iPad .

Any you wonder why print is dying, incredibly unfortunate headline and photo juxtapositions.

Enrique Iglesias Refuses To Marry Anna Kournikova !?!? (Actually, just an excuse to post pictures of Kournikova)

Ed Note: Subbing in for me this morning in the DD sign-off portion is Sr Angel Colleen, rather obvious with the topic matter.

What Happens In Vegas – The NASCAR season is now in full swing, and I’m heading to Las Vegas after two exciting races.  The one at Daytona involving an improbable jet fuel fire as well as Wisconsin’s own Matt Kenseth getting a big win in what is described as the most important race of the year by many, followed with a strong 13th place finish at Phoenix last week. The focus continues to be on ‘Sparkle Pony’ aka Danica Patrick who is having a lot of scrutiny placed on her as she continues her first full Nationwide season. Good luck to Matt, Danica and to everyone who will be trying their luck (racing or otherwise) in Las Vegas this weekend, especially me.

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  • Colleen

    “Given the subject matter”? What’s that crack supposed to mean? ;)

    • Wally

      Wasn’t a crack at all, just meant I don’t know jack about NASACAR. Paranoid much? :-P

      • Colleen

        You’re right, you don’t even know how to spell it. ;)