This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is athletes.

Michelle Waterson

The Bucks fared a little better last night against Philadelphia as Brandon Jennings stepped up to lead Milwaukee past the Sixers .

Brew Crew Ball has a recap of last nights Spring Training action: Giants Drop A 7-3 Game In Scottsdale, Brewers Pick It Up Off Ground .

Disciples of Uecker asks Could Greinke Be Close To an Extension?

Badger247 looks at the 5 Badgers that earned All-Big Ten honors .

Paint Touches has a Preview of potential Marquette Big East Tournament opponents . with their Big East Tournament predictions .

John at Eat More Cheese on Ted’s Poppycock .

Golf tips from Rory McIlroy , not that they’ll help at all.

Pretty easy to follow at least, New Orleans Saints Player Bounty Forms .

April 1st can’t get here soon enough, A Dissertation of Ice & Fire – Previewing Game of Thrones Season Two .

Definitely see the similarities here, Who Said It: Mitt Romney Vs. Mr. Burns .

Calling them ‘spies’ maybe isn’t the right term, The 15 Worst Spies Ever .

Eva Andressa Vieira Is A Good Fitness Model , yes she is.

Not Surprising – As many suspected, Ted Thompson did not utilize the Franchise Tag at all this year.  The two obvious candidates for it were Matt Flynn or Scott Wells.  Not using it on Flynn makes sense.  Had Ted been able to get a tag & trade partner we may have seen it used, but I was skeptical of that happening. You’re also not going to pay your backup QB more than your starter, which would’ve been the case had Flynn been tagged.  I was a little disappointed Thompson didn’t tag Scott Wells though, but in Ted we trust so can live with that & understand the reasons why not to tag Wells.  By not tagging Wells though I can see the reality of Peter Konz, should he make it that far, being the Packers first round pick in the draft.  As I’ve said before I have mixed feelings on that one as I would like to see that pick made on defense & specifically a pass rusher but getting Konz, a former Badgers, makes total sense now.

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  • Chris

    Not in favor of the Steely-Eyed Assassin’s decision to let Wells walk. Like Wally, I get the Flynn thing, but the notion of blowing a high pick to compensate for a Pro Bowler center seems wasteful on two fronts: One, as noted above, those high picks need to be blown* on defense; Two, wagering a rookie to pick up the slack in front of the NFL’s MVP seems needlessly risky.

    *OK, hopefully not “blown,” per se. But somehow I fear that will be the case.

    • BigSnakeMan

      ….shades of Cullen Jenkins…..