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This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is athletes.

Christine Arron

Was a good day for Wisconsin yesterday as the Badgers Send the Seniors Out With a Victory .

Next up for the Badgers is the Big Ten Tournament, here’s a look at the bracket for that .

Marquette won as well on Saturday as Crowder & Gardner spark Golden Eagles past Georgetown .

The Brewers held their first exhibition game yesterday, but the big news out of that is Corey Hart will need to have knee surgery .

Brew Crew Ball has more on the game itself as well as the Hart situation .

The Bucks were in Orlando on Saturday & ended up getting swept for the season by the Magic .

Aaron at CHTV with some commentary on how the Packers Dodged A Bullet When Williams Turned Them Down .

Midwest Sports Fans final regular season College Basketball Power Rankings .

Some Twitter Tips for Brett Favre not that he has an account.

Good to see Wisconsin isn’t in this list of U.S. States That Inspire the Most Indifference .

A collection of head scratching signs, Signs full of ‘WTF’.

Yeah, have to be curious about some of these, The 40 most insane search suggestions ever seen on Google.

A look at The Ten Most Notorious Sports Interviews Of All Time .

Even Batman has regular days, Ordinary Batman Adventures .

Here’s Monika Pietrasinska .

Prelude to Madness – Both MU & UW won their last regular season games this weekend, sending their Seniors off victories.  Up next for both are their respective conference tournaments.  The Big East tournament kicks off tomorrow but Marquette, being the 2 seed, will have to wait for a couple games to play out to see who they’ll match up with on Thursday.  The Big Ten tournament starts on Thursday and the Badgers, the 4 seed, will play Friday, either Penn State or Indiana. I fully expect Marquette to be playing in the Big East Championship game however Wisconsin will need some inspired play to get theirs.  Assuming they get past Penn State or Indiana in that first round, UW will need some inspired play to beat most likely MSU, but it’s tournament time so anything can happen.

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Christine Arron


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