This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is How I Met Your Mother Guest Stars.

Sarah Wright

Marquette continues to cruise as they beat Rutgers last night 82-65 . calls last night tilt men against boys .

This sums it up nicely: The Bucks and I are sorry for the effort Bulls 110 – Bucks 91 .

A preview of tonight’s trip to Iowa for the Badgers .

Disciples of Uecker recaps Doug Melvin’s recent comments on Mat Gamel, Zack Greinke & Shaun Marcum .

The Brewers Bar takes a look at the infielders on the Brewers non-roster invitee list .

Some actual, bona fide Packers news last night, Packers Re-Sign Finley .

Thankfully there’s not a Roenicke Bear… ‘Zim Bear’ is 50 % Don Zimmer, 50% Teddy Bear, 100% Nightmare Fuel.

Finally… 24 First World Problems SOLVED!

Would be hard to imagine anyone else playing these characters, Ironic Casting Decisions in Movies and TV .

The road work one should be permanently posted on Hwy 41 here in Green Bay, If Signs Were Actually Helpful .

Freeman would appreciate this, 15-minute Video of Worf Getting Repeatedly Shut Down on Star Trek: TNG .

These are all pretty much dead on, Seven Lies Perpetuated By Modern Cinema .

Johanna Lundback is attractive.

Has To Be A Pass Rusher, Right? – As I’ve started to do my daily pilgrimages around the various draft sites I’ve seen a couple advocating/prognosticating/flat out guessing the Packers would be taking a center as their first pick in the upcoming NFL Draft.  That the center in question is Wisconsin’s own Peter Konz most times is great and all, but a center?  I understand the reasoning behind that position as the pick with the question marks surrounding the return of Scott Wells but this draft really needs to be focused on defense for the Packers.  We all painfully remember the lack of pass rush this past season.  We all know Ted Thompson won’t dive in to free agency for Mario Williams or someone else.  That only leaves the draft to secure someone to put pressure on the QB. Can Thompson & company find someone to fit that bill in the 2nd of 3rd round?  Anything is possible but for this Packers fan I would feel a lot more comfortable seeing that first pick expended on an OLB or DE with pass rushing skills than any other position out there.  Having said that, Thompson will most likely pick up a running back with pick 28, just watch.

Post Script: I wrote the above yesterday, obviously before the news of Finley’s new contract so some things have changed.  With Finley signed the Packers could now use their Franchise Tag on Scott Wells however that still doesn’t preclude Thompson from taking a center of the future with his pick this year.  Either way, I still firmly believe the pick should be on an edge rusher but who knows what Thompson thinks, your guess is as good as anyone’s.

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  • Weasel

    Defense should be their first 3 picks.