This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is How I Met Your Mother Guest Stars.

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“I Don’t Even Know Half These Guys” – Full squad practices start Saturday fro the Brewers & they’ll be some new faces to get used to this season.  Aramis Ramirez, Alex Gonzalez, Norichika Aoki & I would even throw Mat Gamel into this list.  Out of these four players, three will be part of the revamped infield for the Brewers & Aoki may get extended playing time should Braun be suspended those 50 games. Out of these guys I’m most interested to see how the person we’ve heard the most out of will do – Mat Gamel.  We’re all aware of Gamel’s prowess in the minor leagues but it’s never been something that has translated to The Bigs.  This year though Gamel will be getting the playing time he wasn’t on his previous visits to the parent club & for all intents and purposes will be the starting first baseman come Opening Day.  Aoki is intriguing seeing as most of us have no idea what he can do in the Major Leagues, but Gamel is the one I will be watching the most to see if he can finally make the jump to the next level.  For the Brewers & fans’ sakes I sure hope so.

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