For the second time this week, we’re happy to welcome a guest contributor from across the pond. Joining us today is UK Packers fan Fran, aka @baboons on Twitter .  Fran takes some time to give us his take on the evolving situation between the Packers & Scott Wells.

If you have ever visited Lambeau Field, and walked across the Atrium, you may have noticed an elevator marked simply “Packers Personnel Only”.  If you were to press the call button, nothing would happen.  This elevator is controlled by bio-technology that not only instantly recognises the approaching passenger, but understands their needs and desires.  People who have previously been granted access to the facility can find themselves refused almost on a whim. They are the lucky ones.  They will be suspended, or asked to take a leave of absence before resigning or being framed as a closet communist, drug user, or worse, European.

And yet, most of those lucky few regular users never visit the lower floors.  No button will take them, only a series of passwords uttered by a recognised voice will do. “Trips Left. All Go Special. Three. Nineteen. Hut.”  The passenger feels their stomach rise as they accelerate suddenly towards the bowels of Lambeau.  The door opens on a conference room. Dark, heavily panelled walls are lined with torches, team emblems, and the formaldehyde sealed organs of every late Chicago Bears Head Coach.

Around the pantheon oak table sit the men who control the future and the past, the life and the blood, the very air of the Packers.  Head Coach Mike McCarthy is there, normally accompanied by his holy triumvirate: pen, playbook and pierogies. Murphy is there, Ball is there.  Some chairs remain empty. A random Rockerfeller, the Queen of England and John Stewart attend only the most important of meetings.  Today they are absent.  Today, Ted will command sole attention.

Since leaving the Talking Heads, Ted Thompson has had a meteoric rise through the ranks of professional football management.  His hunger for success is in stark contrast to his appetite for food.  Nobody has ever seen him eat, though rumours abound of pint bags of A negative arriving in the depths of night, hidden amongst deliveries of sausages for Curly’s Pub.  He has dragged the Packers playing and coaching staff along with him, to play-offs, to Championship games, to the Super Bowl.  But today is different; today he must gather consensus on who will get paid, and by how much.

Those few number with close access to this inner sanctum of Green Bay include the venerable Bob McGinn of the Journal Sentinel.  McGinn predicts one of the players not getting paid this year is eight-year veteran Centre Scott Wells.  He suggests that the Packers and Wells are miles apart on a valuation of the Center’s value to the team and that Wells

“doesn’t figure to give the hometown discount.”

Bob McGinn, JS.

I love the painting of Wells as undersized (6-2, 300 pounds).  This knock on him is up there with Bryan Bulaga’s short arms and Donald Driver’s enormous smile.  As Jersey Al says in his end of season report card on Wells:

“He handled larger, faster, stronger defensive linemen using a combination of picture-perfect techniques that nullified any size or strength disadvantages he may have.”

Jersey Al,

Whilst grading Wells out at A-, he does make one clear observation on the pro-bowler.  His best game was Week one in the win against the New Orleans Saints, his worst that horrible loss to the Giants in the January.

Could it be that Thompson, McCarthy et. al. (if not et. Al) have seen a regression they feel will continue?  Are they ready to jettison the player Aaron Rodgers feels is the smartest guy on the offense?

“If you look at guys who really are the smartest players on the team, and I’m not going to include myself in that mix, Scott Wells and John Kuhn know the offense as well as anybody and they’re able to make checks without me even saying anything.

It takes a ton of stress and pressure off of me and my film study and my preparation when I know that if I guess wrong, or if I’m unsure about a look, that I know Scotty is going to be right there next to me, a step ahead of me at times, knowing what the call needs to be.

Scotty is second to none. If you’re ranking, kind of, the intangibles, Scott is the smartest and Josh (Sitton, right guard) has the best reactionary skills. Josh just understands the game so well, he’s able to make reactionary plays. But Scotty and his smarts take a ton of pressure off me.”

Chris Jenkins, AP

Aaron Rodgers will not be happy at the loss of his lieutenant and don’t be surprised to see a well-placed interview any day now, one where the King of the Belt explains how he can’t see a future without Wells in front of him.

Pretty much every Packers fan, blogger and tweeter believed Wells would be signed, with Finley tagged and Flynn released to find fame, fortune or ignominy elsewhere.  Like many years, everyone looks like they are about to be proved wrong.

With Thompson’s usual aversion to bringing players in through Free Agency, we could wonder about the strong rookie class of 2012.  Wisconsin’s Peter Konz would be a hugely popular selection and would fly in the face of the considered analysis that Green Bay must solve the impotent pass rush which so condemned the Defense last season.  At 6-5, 315, Konz would be a size upgrade, but a massive downgrade in experience.

Those who have visited the bowels of Lambeau and survived know that the Draft Board hidden behind the map of Ancient Greece holds no column for positions, and is headed with just three words. Best. Player. Available.  Releasing Wells could create an unnecessary hole to fill that might just push that motto further than in the recent past.

Thank you Fran for sharing your thoughts with everyone via You can hear more from Fran on Twitter by following him here .


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  • Chris

    This is Genius of the first order. Funny, but with a point of view. We need more from Fran…much more, and on a regular basis.

  • Colleen

    Excellent read – please do more, Fran, join the team! :)