This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is How I Met Your Mother Guest Stars.

Mandy Moore

Nothing magical happened last night as the Bucks dropped one against Orlando 93-90 last night .

Grades from last nights Bucks loss courtesy of Bucksketball.

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Here are 6 Reasons to Switch to eBook s, saving trees one branch at a time.

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It’s like an Elephant Graveyard, but cooler, Most Incredible Tank Graveyards on Earth .

I may never leave the house again… 12 Movies That Will Make You Afraid to Go on Vacation .

With a headline like this, it’s pretty obvious where the link is leading, Best Sports Hottie from Each State .

Expected One, Not The Other – Something of a surprise yesterday in the polls.  I expected Marquette to move up, not sitting at 10 in both polls but the Badgers also moved up.  The Badgers moved up 2 spots in the ESPN/USA Today poll to 15 & one spot up to 16 in the AP poll.  While the Badgers helped themselves with the convincing win Sunday against Penn State, the Tuesday match-up against MSU was embarrassing so I thought the best to hope for would be to stay static.  Meanwhile Marquette is just playing some solid ball right now so their move isn’t surprising.  I think both teams, if they can continue the play we last saw demonstrated, can gain some more ground as we close out February.

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