This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is selections from the archives.

Laura Cavender

It wasn’t pretty last night as Sparty Spurned the Badger’s B1G Title Hopes .

Bucky’s 5th Quarter says it a little differently, Curb stomped on the banks of the Red Cedar .

A look at Marquette’s next opponent, Connecticut preview: Position breakdown .

The Bucks will be taking on the Magic tonight & Brew Hoop previews the game .

The rejuvenated Brewers Bar with a Brewers Spring Training Preview .

The View from Bernie’s Chalet has a 25 Man Roster Prediction As Pitchers And Catchers Report .

Good Lord… Renowned sex therapist Dr. Ruth uses Linsanity to get freaky-deaky on Twitter .

Heaven forbid I wouldn’t link to another Jeremy Lin link, Jeremy Lin and 10 Underdog Stars .

A little saddened and more than a bit curious about this, Production Suspended On “The Colbert Report” Due To “Unforeseen Circumstances” .

A sex education infographic …so that’s how babies are made?  Wait…someone has some explaining to do then.

Someone should tell Mike Freeman about the Star Trek one, I’m just saying… 11 Niche Dating Sites You Didn’t Know You Needed .

Funny, sad & somewhat pathetic all at the same time: The Top Ten Craziest Things People Have Sold Their Body For .

Here’s some pictures of Jessica Clarke .

We Feel Your Pain – It’s been somewhat entertaining to watch how the Peyton Manning v Jim Irsay/Colts situation has been panning out these past weeks.  Colts fans, we Packers fan feel your pain & discomfort, we really do.  I would offer this solace up though to Colts fans, there is no way you’ll go through the messy divorce we did for one simple reason: Peyton Manning is smarter than Brett Favre. Talking to my Dad about this very topic a little bit ago & we both agreed that Manning is to intelligent & media savvy not to have learned from what happened with Favre & the Packers.  If the Colts & Manning do part ways, my bet is it’s clean & while maybe not entirely amicable it will be in no way, shape or form be the fiasco we experienced in Green Bay.

That will do it for another fun filled week of morning reading folks.  Hope you all have a truly great weekend and we’ll catch you back here Monday morning.

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