If you’ve seen the TV news out of a certain channel in Milwaukee lately, you’ll have probably viewed a couple of investigative pieces by a legitimate news outlet about a certain PR company who represents people employed by a certain organization that rhymes with Preen May Schmackers who may or may not have withheld goods or services from a loyal fan who paid more money than I ever would for an opportunity to travel with the team to a game. (Am I being vague enough for you? Good. There’s reason for that.)

Some peeps I know, good ones at that, made a point of commenting via social media on the first story. None of the comments were slanderous, or misleading, some of them were a bit childish, but hey, then again part of me remains secretly a 12 year old boy and the head of said PR company is at best an immature twit (in my OPINION, which is in no way meant to be represented as definitive fact) more often than not and said twit refused to answer or explain the situation fully and factually to the media, which should have honestly been quite easy to do. In fact, when asked truly innocent questions, this “professional” unloaded expletives on some tweeps.

What followed after the initial report aired was curious. People have been legally threatened over sharing a link to something that was a publicly reported news story; and in a couple of cases maliciously (in my opinion) harassed. The list of those who were, and were not, chosen to be singled out seems mysterious and random, as it even included people who spoke up in defense of the twit in question.

Information has come to light that indicates not only have innocent people been harassed, the person who is the primary focus of the investigative piece appears to have a criminal history that might be best described as colorful as a rainbow, with several offenses having to do with money matters and the misuse thereof.

Hey, players? Choosing someone with a criminal record of mishandling money to make money for you might not be the best choice in the world. The NFL for this very reason conducts rookie meetings that cover things like knowing who’s working for you, handling your money, and so on. You would think that everyone who attends these meetings pays close attention to the information shared, but having seen rooks tweet last year from said meetings about how incredibly boring they are, I suspect not so much.

Why, you might ask, do I care about a bunch of potential multimillionaires and who they do business with off the field as opposed to their performance on the field? And why do I care that more than one person who does business with this person continues to defend what is rapidly becoming indefensible?

Well, here’s why. I know better than to think that all (or even perhaps the majority, sadly) of the Packers are truly Packer People. (Whoops…guess the vague just went out the window a bit, didn’t it?) But as a fan (and owner) of this team, that’s the ideal I’d like to aspire to. Packer People would want to conduct business with legitimate partners both to further their financial goals as well as support any charities they might create. Instead of distancing themselves from a person with whom I would never be caught dead doing business with, some players seem to be turning a blind eye or at least a misinformed one. Some of them have family members who are outright defending a situation without, it seems to me, looking at the full picture clearly and the detriment/damage that might result from the association in question. Worse yet are the sychophants (these must be the same people Brett Favre referred to as “real fans”) who are so busy trying to ingratiate themselves with the players & their families (Note: Here’s a secret, kids….the players don’t care all that much. For the most part. Don’t take it so seriously…) that they would contribute to the harassment of people who were legitimately asking a question about why a member of the team would want to conduct business with such a partner, or trying to alert a player who had distanced himself from said ‘professional’ that his image/likeness was still being used on a website to publicize a business he had essentially fired.

While it’s sad to see players making (I think) unfortunate choices in business associates, most of all, this whole mess sullies the name of the organization I so respect and admire. I am a fan of the 13 time World Champion Green Bay Packers. Someone who makes a living (the vast majority thereof anyway) off that organization and sees fit to call the Packers such delicate things such as “morons” while claiming to be a professional (as opposed to being a fan) is not someone I really want around players who represent my team. Fans contribute to players’ charities, food drives and so on partially (perhaps primarily) because the luster of the Packers’ organization reflects on the players – if fans are not sure that they can trust who handles these matters for the players, they may very well choose to no longer support those charities, or buy merchandise from the players who have chosen these bad associations.

It sounds like this nest of eels may be far from unraveled. Hang on, it could be a bumpy ride.

If anyone knowingly does wrong by Packers players, or their fans, and therefore the Packers themselves…whoever you might be or whatever job you might have – I hope it gives you hell.


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  • Kathy

    Great job on this, Colleen!

    (I also find it very funny that the “ad choice” at the bottom of the page is a law firm in Appleton!)

    • Colleen

      Hoping I don’t need it anytime soon! ;)

    • Aaron

      Haha, wish I had that ad, I’d rather have that than the “Brett Favre Merchandise” one I had :)… By the way, good article Colleen!!

      • Colleen

        Thanks Aaron!

  • BadgerNoonan

    This is amazing. PR people can get themselves in serious trouble with this kind of behavior.

    • Colleen

      I think this person is about to find that out.

  • http://www.twitter.com/pauldier Paul Dier

    Great job Colleen. Love your writing style. “Criminal record more colorful than a rainbow”..That’s AWESOME

    • Colleen

      Thanks Paul! Always glad when you check my posts out.

  • http://www.pocketdoppler.com BigSnakeMan

    I’d comment….but I’d rather not be ‘targeted’. ;)

    • Colleen

      Chicken! ;)

  • http://www.cheeseheadtv.com/eat_more_cheese Jayme Joers

    I allegedly like this post.

    • Colleen

      I appreciate the fact you allegedly like it.

  • http://cheeseheadtv.com/eat_more_cheese John Rehor
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      Thanks John!

  • Mark

    Awesome post Colleen I should really bring this entire story to my Mass Media Law Professor ask her what she thinks.

    • Colleen

      You should, Mark. Would be interesting.

      • Mark

        She said you can be sued for libel on twitter. As long as you keep tweeting opinion, it’s not libel.

  • Anita

    Not my real name or photo……but I MAY think that the author of this blog rocks my socks.

    Seriously…that’s not my name of photo….

    • Colleen

      I appreciate your anonymous almost kudos. ;)