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Ninel Conde

It wasn’t pretty at the Bradley Center last night as the Bucks lost to the Hornets 92-89 .

Bucksketball grades out last night’s non-win .

Badgers of Honor looks at What Wisconsin Did Well Against Michigan State in anticipation of tonight’s game.

Cracked Sidewalks has a Game-by-game, player-by-player match-ups on MU road to the Final Four, updated Value ratings .

Brew Crew Ball with Brewers Fantasy Players to Watch .

Miller Park Drunk, as part if their ‘Fashion Week’, presents What Your Shirsey Says About You .

Full points awarded for this, Guy holding huge pic of his face at basketball game could be the best photobomb ever .

Ranking all 49 SI Swimsuit covers .

Sort of surprising I guess, Ron Jaworski is leaving the Monday Night Football booth .

Wouldn’t be able to capture most of these if you were trying, 25 Perfectly Timed Photos .

Might need these later this year, 18 Maxims From the Motivational Mayan Calendar, A Last-Days Advice Meme .

Makes a lot more sense then that 15-and-two nonsense,  A reinterpretation of CPR instructions that may make you choke from laughing.

Suspension of belief, right? Eight Giant Movie Plot Holes in Eight Images .

The 20 Hottest Photos of Isabel Lucas .

Never Happen – Was reading a piece on the JSOnline Packers blog (behind the paywall of course) about how Ty Dunne was getting emails from folks asking about the chances of the Packers pursuing Marion Williams in free agency.  Ty’s words: You’re likely out of luck…couldn’t agree more. In fact I would hazard to go a little farther and say, Are you nuts?  With one exception, has Ted Thompson ever played in Free Agency & more specifically played for a big name?  I’m just as much of dreamer as any Packers’ fan but anyone that thinks Thompson will bring in a big or even biggish free agent come March is going to be sorely disappointed.  You’re better off focusing those hopes, wishes & desires researching college OLB/DE players that may be available in the late first round as they’ll be the person you’ll be pinning your hopes on come next season. Well, them and Ted Thompson that is.

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