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Alice Greczyn

Sweeping the Heat would have been asking a bit much & alas it didn’t happen as the Bucks lost last night 114-96 .

Bucksketball hands out some Milwaukee grades from last night .

Paint Touches has a look at Marquette’s Computer Profile (as of Feb. 12) .

Some speculation on a new QB option for the Badgers, O’Brien Leaves Maryland; Is Wisconsin In His Future?

As part of Miller Park Drunk’s Fashion Week, What The Hell Am I Going To Wear To The Game? Female Edition .

Disciples of Uecker ask, Should Carlos Gomez Stand Closer to the Plate?

Aaron says that the Packers Bringing Back Wells No Sure Thing .

Photos of The “Am” That Made Up This Past Week’s Pebble Beach Pro-Am , including Aaron Rodgers.

You may have seen some of these before, still worth it, A Hodgepodge Of Hilarious Star Wars Pictures .

A nice collection of Nerdy Valentine’s Cards to give that special person.

Placing odds on which Community character will be going to the admissions office in the sky .

Hopefully no one will needs this today, but better safe than sorry, How to Apologize for a Botched Valentine’s Day .

No idea who this is but then I guess that doesn’t really matter: 25 Pics of Our Favorite Former UGA Kappa Delta, Lane Lindell, Modeling Bikinis .

Where Do The Brewers Stack Up – As we inch ever so slowly toward the start if MLB Training Camps, I was thinking about how the Brewers will fare in the NL Central this year.  Can they repeat as champs or will the Cardinals re-take the title?  Really, in my mind it’s just between these two teams.  It’s easy to say that the Brewers’ loss of Fielder is cancelled out by the Cardinals loss of Pujols. I would take it one further and say the Cardinal’s loss is greater as Pujols seemed to be the more consistent producer at the plate & we all know he was a better fielding first baseman than Prince.  I think what it’ll really boil down to is will Braun get suspended & can the Brewers’ starting rotation pitch the way they did last year…prior to the NLCS that is.  If Braun is suspended, it’s going to give the Cardinals the edge for the first third of the season, no question about that. If this happens, the onus will be even more on the starting pitching to make sure the Brewers keep in close games. The next question then is once Braun returns, can the Brewers’ make up games if they are behind in the standings. I think the Brewers are capable of that, as long as any hole they dig themselves isn’t too deep. So a repeast as the NL Central chams is definitly possible, but it won’t be easy.

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  • BigSnakeMan

    I would add a third team to the NL Central mix. Don’t go to sleep on the Reds, who were considered by many the division favorites going into last season. They may have underachieved in 2011, but their talent stacks up well enough with the Pujols-deficient Cards and the lack of Fielder Brewers.