This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Female Athletes.

Melanie Adams

The Bucks won in The Great White North, beating the Raptors in an incredibly average NBA basketball game .

Cracked Sidewalks takes a look at the Golden Eagles next opponent, Cincinnati .

Badger247 says the Badgers are ready for the recharged Gophers tonight .

Bucky’s 5th Quarter is taking a walk down rivalry lane between Wisconsin & Ohio State .

Miller Park Drunk on If Ryan Braun Is Innocent .

Disciples of Uecker continues their countdown of the Top 30 Brewers’ Prospects .

Total Packers looks at the decision to hire Ben McAdoo as the Packers new QB coach .

While most of PD Angels are primarily football fans first, I imagine most of them would be insulted by this no matter: CBS’s “Baseball Boyfriend” isn’t going over well .

How sweet of them, The Jets Take Out A Newspaper Ad Congratulating The Giants .

With a h/t to @AmandaRLawson for this one, The Funniest Photos from the NFL Season .

Some of these are depressingly accurate, 14 Realities of Romantic Relationships in Chart Form .

Here you go guys, 7 Better Valentine’s Day Gifts .

One of my favorite all around entertainers, The 5 Most Awesome Neil Patrick Harris Moments.

Meet Patricia Beck, Lingerie Enthusiast …sounds so sophisticated.

Yes, This Does Count As Exciting – The Brewers yesterday announced their Spring Training Broadcast schedule & I would be lying if I didn’t get a little giddy seeing it.  For one, just seeing that reminds me that baseball season will be here sooner than later. Secondly, it’ll be the first time to listen to new broadcaster Joe Block. And lastly, Uecker can be absolutely hilarious during Spring Training games as he warms back up after the offseason, it’s some of the most enjoyable radio ever. So March 4th, you can’t get here soon enough, we’ll all be anxiously waiting.

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  • Colleen

    I actually thought about writing about that stupid “baseball boyfriend” thing. What utter gall…ugh.