This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Female Athletes.

Blair O’Neal

The Bucks tried to rally last night, but to no avail, as they lost to the Suns 107-105 .

After the loss, here is what Brandon Jennings said after taking four shots against the Suns .

Cracked Sidewalks says that Marquette’s Underclassmen’s dominant performances Monday could indicate a great present (March Madness) and future (winning new Big East) .

See as the Badgers’ hoops team doesn’t play till tomorrow night, B5Q has a way-too-early positional review on UW quarterbacks .

Balls, Brats & Beers touches on the seasons on Marquette, Milwaukee & UW basketball now that football is over .

Disciples of Uecker on Zack Greinke and the NL Central’s Starter Run .

Of course Gisele makes this list of The 4 Worst Pro Sports WAGs in the Game Right Now .

What a good sport… Maria Menounos Loses Bet, Wears New York Giants Bikini .

A nice infographic of How Facebook Can Get You Fired .

Mmmmm, donuts… Social Media Explained In Terms Of Donuts .

I still have trouble with this, How to Back Up a Trailer…Like a Man!

Yeah, don’t think my next visit will anything like this one, The Best Doctor’s Visit You’ll Never Have .

I wonder if anyone thought the outlet actually was a key cleaner? More smart-ass responses to completely well-meaning signs .

Candice Swanepoel , never disappoints.

Favorites Already – I’m sure by now you’ve read or heard that according to the betting site Bovada &  other betting sites the Packers are the favorites to win Super Bowl XLVII next year. I have mixed feelings on this. I like that people still think enough of the Packers even after the playoff collapse to feel they’re at the top of the pile come next year.  Yes there are some definite issues *cough*pass rush*cough* to address but on the offensive side of the ball pretty much all the pieces will be there that were around this past year.  On the other side of the coin, being the odds on favorite keeps a target out there.  It’s foolish to think  that, at least for the next couple years, the Packers will be playing the role of underdog so we all may as well dismiss that notion right now. Still though, I would prefer not to be team everyone is gunning for.  As to whether a trip to New Orleans is possible, the fan in me of course says ‘Hell yeah’ but the realist in me is going to hold off to see what transpires in the off-season before he joins the fan in drinking any Green & Gold Kool-Aid.

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