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Anna Torv

Total Packers says It’s Apparently Time To Get Cullen Jenkins Back .

Zach at on how McCarthy Makes it Obvious that Packers Want TE Jermichael Finley Back in 2012 .

Something to look forward to, the NFL Draft & ACME Packing Company looks at Mel Kiper’s pick for the Packers .

Courtside Analyst asks if Bucks coach Scott Skiles has lost the locker room?

The Badgers hoopsters continue to get back on track with a win over Northwestern last night .

Won’t have to worry about what to do at the end of the weekend come Spring as the Brewers are shut out of Sunday nights to start 2012 .

It’s about time, Under Armour Unveils Line of Prom Dresses .

Here are 10 Reasons The NBA Is Already Better This Year Than Last …the Bucks of course are not on this list.

I get that movies want us to suspend rational belief from time to time, but these are ridiculous: Unintentional Couples Mismatches in Movies .

This was inevitable, I’m Breaking Up With You, Siri .

Yeah, this was amusing yesterday: Let’s Point and Laugh at All the People B*tching and Complaining About the Wikipedia Blackout .

I should actually get this, especially after having my phone ‘hijacked’ last Saturday night… Download the NSA Android OS and ensure your phone is completely secure .

I’m guilty of mangling quire a few of these Famous Movies Lines That Are Constantly Misquoted .

The 20 Hottest Photos of Belen Rodriguez , your guess on how to pronounce the first name is as good as mine.

Choices Ahead – Ty Dunne wrote a good piece the other day about what the Packers should do or perhaps better said how to approach the wide receivers corps for next year.  The primary topic of the article was of course one Donald Driver.  As we learned a few years back, Ted Thompson & Mike McCarthy are willing to make the tough decisions and this will definitely be one as to whether or not to retain the services of Driver for next year or release him.  For the better part of the last decade Donald Driver has become a Packers icon & fan favorite, in fact he’s my older kid’s favorite player.  As much as the sentimentalist in me wants to see #80 in Green & Gold next year, the realist in me thinks there’s a better chance he’ll be in some other uniform. The only thing I do feel pretty certain about though is that if there is a parting of ways between the Packers & Driver, it’ll be a lot more amicable than a split we went through sometime back.

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