The Good

The Milwaukee Bucks finally got an up-tempo effort going late in the win against the Detroit Pistons. Milwaukee is a tough matchup for any opponent when they want to be, and the Bucks had good control over the flow of the game. Brandon Jennings can be wildly energetic at times, and that is generally a very good thing.

It was fun to see Stephen Jackson exchanging greetings with the Detroit Pistons players. He certainly has quite the history with that team. I probably don’t have to delve into that story.

The Bad

Believe it or not, the Bucks won a spirited effort at home, and lost quite the stinker on the road. It wasn’t just another road loss for Milwaukee, it was another loss without Andrew Bogut. They haven’t won a single game without him this year. Late in the Detroit game, Bogut fell hard to the floor, and was held out of the Dallas game due to concussion symptoms. Without Bogut in Dallas…

The Ugly

…the Bucks were no match for the defending NBA champions. A good defensive performance could have made it close, but without Bogut, they got out-rebounded and thoroughly dominated. Minus the inside threat, Milwaukee took the long distance 3-point gameplan and fizzled out on a poor shooting night.

Stat of the Weekend

Jon Leuer, the rookie from Wisconsin, got his first start against the Pistons and had a solid 15 point, 6 rebound performance. He’s been quite a surprise contributing off the bench in small doses?

Last Week

vs. Detroit, Won 102-93

@ Dallas, Lost 102-76

This Week

Monday Jan 16th, @ Philadelphia

Tuesday Jan 17th, vs. Denver


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