This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is photos from the archives.

Katrina Topacio

Start off today with obvious headliner from last night, as the Badgers lost to the Ducks in the Rose Bowl .

Badger of Honor has more, saying time just ran out for UW .

Moving on from the Badgers, ACME Packing Company has their End of the Year Grades for the NFC North .

Just in case you didn’t see it yesterday, here’s video of Brad Jones laying out some dude who ran on to the field on Sunday .

All Green Bay Packers is looking way ahead with the 2012 Packers opponents .

The Bucks dropped one to the Nuggets last night as Al Harrington And Danilo Gallinari Too Much For Milwaukee In 4th .

Cracked Sidewalks with an early look at NCAA tournament possibilities .

Midwest Sport Fans’ college basketball power ranking s.

I don’t see how this won’t work out well, Penn State’s Telemarketing-Based Coaching Searc h.

Taking a look back with Ten Stories in 2011 You’ll Be Sorry You Missed .

A lot has changed in 25+ years… What Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Would Look Like Today .

Such great clarity, QVC accidentally demonstrates how clear the F-word looks in an e-book .

Here’s Michelle Vawer to start your short work week off.

Disappointed, but Not Unexpected – I went into yesterday’s Rose Bowl game with the expectation that the Badgers would probably lose. So I was very happy with things up until the end as the Badgers were able to keep up with the Ducks, pretty much score for score…until that last Russell Wilson INT.  Had the feeling that was the back breaker when it happened & for the most part it turned out to be true.  It was a fun Badgers’ football season to watch though with high expectations as well as some heartbreak along the way.  All in all, even with the loss last night, I would call the season an overall success & now there’s time to turn the focus basketball & the Packers hopeful Super Bowl run.

Featured Image Credit: Rick Wood/JSOnline

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