This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is the Milwaukee Bucks 2011-2012 Energee Dance Team


The Pro Bowl players were announced last night & ACME Packing Company takes a look at the 7 Packers who made it in .

Aaron says the Defense Needs To Do “Just Enough” To Get Packers Back To The Super Bowl , which is pretty much spot on.

Coach McCarthy says the Packers are playing to win this weekend, but Total Packers is wondering what does that really mean?

A small measure of redemption here as when it counted, the Bucks beat the Timberwolves 98-95 .

Bucksketball with some praise of former Badger Jon Leuer now playing with the Bucks .

Just as the Badgers football team welcomed Nebraska to the Big Ten with a loss, so did the Badgers hoops team beating Nebraska 64-40 last night .

More changes to the the Badgers football team coaching staff with the departure of Paul Chryst, as Joe Rudolph is Promoted To Offensive Line Coach with more moves to follow.

You may have already ran across this, but it’s worth watching again in any case: Cameraman Cruising Around Cricket Pitch On Segway Eats Turf .

I’ll admit to Numbers 7, 5 & 4 but not sure about the others, guilty pleasures men usually won’t admit to .

Here’s a handy Guide To Having The World’s Worst New Year’s Eve .

And here are some fancy drinks to spruce up that worst New Year’s Eve, 5 Great New Year’s Eve Cocktails .

I have to thank PD Angel Lauren for introducing me to My Drunk Kitchen , well worth the time.

The Piano Keys cross walk has to be my favorite: Best Street Art of 2011 .

I didn’t know Rugby had cheerleaders, but I guess they do .

Rodgers or Brees – This topic has picked up some steam on the heels of Drew Brees breaking the single season passing yards record on Monday night. The debate really started in earnest after the Packers’ loss to the Chiefs in Week 15 and now will only continue to have legs this week and next.  You can’t discount the season Drew Brees has had, it’s been spectacular but then so has Rodgers’ season.  One bad game does not make a season, which is what Rodgers’ had…one bad game which he nicely rebounded from with a 5 TD performance on Christmas against the Bears.  I’ll admit to being biased here but even with the work Brees has put in this season, I still don’t see how it’s better than the overall season Rodgers has had. Give Brees the Offensive Player of the Year Award, he’s has more than deserved it. To give anyone but Aaron Rodgers the MVP Award though is ludicrous, even if he ends up sitting most of the game on New Year’s Day.

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  • Chris

    I’ve also heard Brady’s name in the mix, and Beautiful Tom has, indeed, had a nice season. But given the woeful state of the Packers defense and their thin-to-the-point-of-nonexistent running game, is there any question who the key to the 14-1 season has been? No, it’s not Pro Bowler John Kuhn. Simply put, GB isn’t 14-1 without Aaron Rodgers. He has not only piled up a ton of yards passing, he has done so by throwing less than half the INTs that Brees has. Drew has had a sublime season, but he has done so in a year where Rodgers has been surpassingly outstanding.