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I haven’t done a Things I Know I Think for a while…it seems fitting this week, because, much like the Packers, I’m a bit scrambled by the loss. I did a Running Twitter Diary…I haven’t the heart to post. Losing by 5 points…5 freaking points. With our offense. It just doesn’t make sense, no matter what I angle I take when I look at it.

Things I Know I Think:
• When Aaron Rodgers does a press conference and doesn’t really seem to be looking anyone in the eye, you know it was a bad day. I don’t think I’ve ever seen him that upset.
• The above comment tells me the Chicago Bears are in for a very, very long Christmas evening. Sorry, Christmas isn’t going to be too fun for you, Lovie.
• I’m sorry that so many tweeps traveled from afar to watch that hot mess of a game. I never, ever, want to see a frame of it ever again. Ever. That said, it sounded like you all had fun seeing each other.
• We have to get healthy. We have to. Mark Tauscher, I hope you’ve been working out, because your phone may be ringing. I’m sure MM has your number. (No, I don’t think it will happen but Tausch could probably hold up for a couple of weeks until someone heals up.)
• I haven’t been a fan of Derek Sherrod’s, but my heart hit the floor when I saw him on that cart. Next year, dude. You’ll be better, I’m sure of it, both physically and in your play.
• We’re all entitled to our opinions of Jermichael Finley. Mine is that he needs to shut up, take a page from QB1 when he’s asked tricky questions (answer them with class and maybe a tad less frankly) and catch the damn ball. That last part is the most important part. If he can’t do that, slap the franchise tag on him and move on. I’ve defended the kid and praised him…and now I’m tired of him. You don’t have to agree with me. It’s a free country. I don’t have to agree with you, either.
• 13-1 doesn’t suck. But it doesn’t feel quite as good right now as it should, either. An intense smackdown of Da Bears will make me feel much better about it.
• If all you have to do is tell the ref to watch someone, resulting in bogus pass interference calls on a wide receiver, McCarthy needs to do that during each playoff game. What a bunch of malarkey that was. I read someone on Twitter who remarked that Jordy “looked white” Sunday. I thought he looked like someone the zebras were looking to pick on. The first call? Iffy. The second one? Absurd.
• It’s very nice and all to have a protective big brother, but I hope Luke Rodgers turns on his filter. I agreed with some of what he said. Some of it I thought was over the top. He, as with all of us has a right to express his opinion. But we don’t need Scott Favre redux. Makes sense to me to point that out to him nicely instead of pulling an attitude about it. He also has the right to say “no”.
• If you were one of the trolls that were saying horrible things to Marshall Newhouse and Mike Neal via Twitter after the game, I hope your head explodes as you read this. You horrible, horrible people. Those kids had been through enough without you being personally vicious. There’s a difference between criticism (see my Jermichael Finley remark above) and being nasty.
• It warmed my heart that Jason Wilde and Bill Johnson mentioned Jerry Kramer’s Hall of Fame exclusion on the radio last week. Please do it frequently, gentlemen. No need to mention me, although that was nice as well. There’s still an injustice that needs to be righted. Oh, and anyone else who has a large audience of readers/listeners – it might be nice if you hopped on this particular bandwagon. Do something positive with your power.
• The Packers are still going to the Super Bowl. That really is what matters.

It’s Bear Week and time to start the big push.

Go Pack Go.


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  • http://PocketDoppler Carol

    C’mon Colleen….we’re all bummed about that fiasco in KC, but we have to put that behind us and focus on what’s next. How ’bout some CAPITAL LETTERS—some !!! It’s GO PACK GO!!! Again: GO PACK GO!!! And yes, everyone knows THE BEARS STILL SUCK!!!

    • Colleen

      Momentary melancholy…I really wanted that perfect season. Even more than I thought I did, it seems. That said, the Super Bowl is the ultimate goal…and you’re right, the Bears Still Suck!