We all miss Rich Ward Jr.’s regular series of the musings in the Twitterverse during the games. Rich’s new job has gotten in the way of him being able to post much, so, with his permission, I decided to give this a stab. This may be a one time thing. It’s incredibly hard to do, my props go out to Rich. But hopefully I captured the spirit of the thing in my attempt. *Note – I was cutting and pasting tweets like a fiend and trying to drink, watch the game, and yell. So if you see a tweet that you didn’t really say….DEAL WITH IT. Thank you.

And….away we go….except for I can’t see the stinking game because Fox won’t switch from the damn Vikings/Broncos….this is why I need to live in Wisconsin….

@HOF_Tweeter I can’t imagine living somewhere that won’t show the packer game.

@NotAaronRodgers “Will someone score so this doesn’t go into overtime?”
Yeah, that would be nice. Sweet baby Jesus.

@BMarkovich And Joe Buck. Ugh. RT @coreybehnke OMFG Jeff Triplette is our ref today – that sucks.
Lumps of coal in our stockings. What did we do wrong this year? Win the Super Bowl? Oh, yeah, we did. Apparently we’re paying for it now.

I still can’t see the game because the STUPID BRONCOS ARE TAKING IT TO OVERTIME.

@TyDunne Eli goes downtown to Beckum. Touchdown.
Great. I can’t see the game and we’re already down. Stomach churning.

@OlBagofdonuts F**king embarrassing.
@PeteSeroogy There’s the vaunted Packers defense right there
Chris and Pete, channeling my inner irritations.

@theandyman GO PACK GO!!!!!!
And, as always, Andy is there to lift my spirits. Thank you, Andy.

Finley catches a pass!

@jrehor Guess the Chemistry’s Back.
About time. Shut up and catch the damn ball, Jermichael.

@realfreemancbs Rodgers had about 90 minutes to throw.
Yeah, and that didn’t work out so well did it?

@cellaigh_k Oh, Aaron #headdesk
@theLukeRodgers Starting sloooow here.

4th down.

A random thought from the Twitterverse…

@miss_masterson don’t know who this asshole Tim Tebow is but if I never hear another thing about him it would be too soon.

Yeah, he’s keeping the Packers off my TV way too long. I like Dick Chang’s girlfriend. Erin for Commissioner! ;)

Packers have the ball…

@NotAaronRodgers If you all stop bitching for like, five seconds, I will make Eli Manning throw a series of conniption fits.

That would be nice. Please commence.

FINALLY  Tebow gets off my television. Go away, never to return. (Note, I repeat, for the sake of anyone who doesn’t know this, I HATE THE BRONCOS. Doesn’t matter who their quarterback is.)

@Maleena D Now that you’re watching, they’ll be better :) RT @foundinidaho I don’t know if I’m glad I missed the first series or sorry.
Thank you – I like to think I’m good luck for the guys.

@JerryKramer64GB #Packers Will be trying to keep an eye on #62, Evan D-S, out of Idaho St. who got the start today.
Obviously we’re proud of EDS here in Idaho. Justifiably.

Jordy catches a pass!

@PackerInsanity Oh Jordy. I love you.
Doesn’t everyone?

Finley catches another pass.

@Aaron_Nagler YOTTO Baby.
@cellaigh_k Finley instead of grandstanding why don’t you go thank your field general for the pass and ask for another.
@TigsPkrBkr We won’t be able to congratulate Fin since he left our #TwitterFamily… :’

He’ll never leave. He’s addicted to the attention. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Maybe him taking a page from QB1 will help him focus in the short-term.

TV shows an Interactive dinosaur sighting! There you go, @Aaron_Nagler!

And…come on, Packers.

@PackerDrunk Time to rattle Eli up.
Yep, I want to see some Manningface.

@KareemCopeland #NP Play that funky music white boy (I’m here for all your musical updates…)
And here to get smack talked to by Mike Murphy in the press box, apparently. Teach you to wear that Lions hat. ;)

@realfreemancbasThe song “Play that funky music white boy” is racist.
I love you, Mike.

@briancarriveau Aaron Rodgers raised his passer rating from 40-something after the Packers’ first possession to 121.5 He’ll never be Tebow.
Many of us are eternally thankful for that.

@Zcalvelli Somebody kill whomever is responsible for the Target ads.
Wouldn’t someone, please? If you’re trying to get a female to shop, you’re missing this one. Big time.

The defense continues its ways.
@thelukerodgers Secondary getting abused.
Yeah. C’mon defense.

Erik Walden with a big stop. But things aren’t quite right.

I’m getting frustrated.

@bigsnakeman: @foundinidaho They (The Packers) just like to keep us engaged in the game. ;)
I’m engaged. Or enraged. Or both.

Oh crap. Touchdown. Wait, no.

The Giants think they had a TD. They didn’t.
Tommy Coughlin whips out the challenge flag. Why?

@Aaron_Nagler Dumb challenge.
That was dumb. But we have Triplette reffing. We’re screwed.

Ruling on the field stands! :)

@cellaigh_k Whoa, Triplette gets it right for once
Who is this reffing crew and what did you do with Jeff Triplette?

Crossing over to the @cheeseheadtv blog:
@Jaymelee1 ATTN: According to Burt in the live blog, I am a bitch. Told him to be careful as I was in charge, he said, “bitches all ways in control”
Yeah, Burt, we’re around. Deal.

Cobb throws a pass, and does it pretty well!

@justbeingJules Matt Flynn or Cobb as back up qb?
Well, let’s not be hasty, but that was a pretty good throw.
And he’s left handed! I love Randall Cobb! (fellow leftie swells with pride)

End first qtr. Packers 7, Giants 10

Elsewhere in the NFC North…

@chriswarcraft Welp, let’s look on the bright side. At least the Metrodome roof didn’t collapse last night. #headdesksmasharghhhhh
Chris, you are the ONLY good thing about the Vikings. Despite the fact my brother in law helped build Ryan Longwell’s house in Oregon. Well, I guess he was with the Packers then. Back when he had a soul.

CM3 with the INT!

@Aaron_Nagler I have to admit – it took everything inside me not to yell there.
I have to admit, this is one of the times I am glad I’m not you Aaron. I yelled. Loud.
@PackerKen Oh hell yes. What a play Clay!
@NotVic Ketchman I knew Clay Matthews’s dad when he was a player. Aren’t you impressed?
I’m not impressed with much of anything you do, Vic. But I love Clay. And his Dad.

Here we go, defense needs to gear up…

@PackerBB I see another pick coming…
Damn near, Burnett. C’mon, dude.

Oh, Woodson screwed up. Damn.

Over from the Bears still suckosphere:
@foundinidaho Bullshit. RT @sethneal: Woodson is so dirty. Him and Suh.
Gah! Bears fans. I actually know Seth and I like him. The next time I see him, I’m punching him, however. Wait…that’s not right…

As we go along on the drive….
@cellaigh_k: @Packerken let me amend: my Five year old girl is tougher than Eli.
My chickens are tougher than Eli.

Missed pass! Damn!

@jrehor Should have had that. right in his hands.
@bigsnakeman WHAT?!!!!! RT @BrianCarriveau Aaron Rodgers’ passer rating slid back down to below 100.
It’s a sign of the apocalypse. Things are looking awfully grim.

@zcalvelli: Just so everyone knows – we’re winning
Killjoy. We have to get in our moment of panic. ;)

@getacoop Uh Cobb … let that one go

He didn’t. Dammit.

@hispickMrs36 I wld advise against trying not to cook n watch da game at da same time…just almost burned off my entire hand…smh!
Yeah, the only thing I can do during the game is type. And drink. And hyperventilate, apparently.

The unthinkable happens.

@gbpf127 Wow.
@AaronBiderman An Aaron Rodgers INT? What?
@avanepern23 Rodgers is perfectly imperfect. He’s still the best QB in the league.
@cellaigh_k Don’t freak out people, even superman is has his vulnerabilities. It’s not like this is a frequent habit.
@tundravision Personally I’m okay with this. Packers need some adversity before the playoffs start. They’ll pull this out.
CD’s channeling his inner Jersey Al…it’ll be fine…

@Packers For Rodgers, fifth INT of 2011.
Let it be his last, please. I don’t like the looks of those at all.

@TyDunne Starks taken off on the cart.
Neo is not staying healthy. Like Jayme said, don’t they fix this stuff quick in the Matrix?

@bigsnakeman Why a team needs multiple RBs. RT @kareemcopeland: #Packers starks being carted to the locker room

One of the Giants does the belt.
@andrewlynch Yeah, that never seems to end well for the belt-mocker. RT @PackerBB: My name is Aaron Rodgers, you just did the belt, prepare to LOSE
They never learn, do they?

@Ilovemypackers That “KUUUUUUUHN” was WAY louder than the “Cruuuz”
Yep, I could hear it on my TV. Love it.

AR for first down, slide!
@Midwestfan Safe!

Grant trips over Newhouse
@alextallitsch Lets see Saine please.
I’m already in-Saine. Whatever works.

Time for some cheering -
@JoyLaVie #GoPackGo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Good, that felt better.

Another AR run! And slide!
@getacoop His baseball background RT @TundraVision: I love how Rodgers flew about 3 yards into his slide to get the first down.
Geoff knows his baseball.

Saine with a nice run.
@tundravision In-Saine-ity!
Yeah, he’s doing pretty well, that kid. Thank goodness one of our running backs is.

@avanepern23 I think the Giants must spend the majority of their practices on their showboatin skill.
Unfortunately, it looks like they spent some time practicing their football skills too.

Driver with a TD!

Glad I wore my #80 today. It was a tough choice, but I was afraid wearing my blue Jordy jersey might be bad…Giants being blue and all…

@TundraVision Love a close game.
CD, I’m starting to twitch. I don’t like close games.

@BrianCarriveau Evan Dietrich-Smith seems to be holding up well today.
Yes, he’s doing a hell of a lot better than Newhouse. Good God.

Kickoff and runback. Fire Slocum!

@Dexhandle Hell of a tackle by Crosby.
Jersey Al’s still not impressed. ;)
@JerryKramer64GB #Packers Nice tackle, Mason. Love it when a kicker plays football.
You know of what you speak, sir.

@debiowens A pick before the half would be lovely
It would indeed.


@ZachKruse2 That absolutely was a fumble. Manning’s arm wasn’t going forward when Matthews hit him
@RahimTariq Lolololololololol

The look on Raji’s face was rather amusing.

@RyanBrowne812 Clay Matthews is having himself a ball game
@RahimTariq What if he handed the ball to the ref?
Indeed, what if? Whew.

Mason misses a 43 yarder. Sigh. Jersey Al’s blood pressure just went up 10 points.

@PackerPapaPete Only the second miss from Money Sauce Mason. Damn.
@cellaigh_k Is this the part of halftime show where jimmy says, “Stick a fork in ‘em. They’re done.”?
I wish. But I don’t think they’re done.

@jrehor After a while the Crosby misses tend to run together
They do? He hasn’t missed much this year.

@Greenbayblood Mike’s the only media member to point this out. RT @MikePereira Should have been leverage on the Giants on the Green Bay FG attempt.
So Triplette’s crew missed a penalty. Why, I NEVER.

@TundraVision FYI, the leverage rule was because of former Packer tight end Gary Lewis, who blocked about three field goals that way in the early 80′s
Gary Lewis? The one with the Playboys? He played for the Packers? Man, we really did suck back then.

@kareemcopeland Is it wrong of me to make bladder jokes about all the middle aged men lined up for the press box bathroom?
No, just remember that some kid in the press box is making jokes about you when you’re one of them. ;)

Halftime. Packers 21 Giants 17.

@jasonjwilde: Rodgers at halftime: 13/23, 169 yards, two TDs, one INT, 90.7 rating
90.7? Cats and dogs. Living together.

Here we go again. 2nd half.

Pass to Jennings.
@swilliams2138 He was holding Greg!!
@MissAnnielynn Jennings catch Wow. What a freaking threaded throw…and catch. Sheesh.
@BrianCarriveau It’s like he’s wearing stickem RT @Eric_Edholm: Insane catch by Jennings.
Somewhere, Freddie Biletnikoff is smiling.

@kareemcopeland This made me laugh. RT @FauxJohnMadden: Even Tiger Woods got a win before the Indianapolis Colts
That’s how bad the Colts really are. Suck for Luck.

Driver strikes again!

@bigboxcarGBP I like this Donald Driver fellow.
Oooh, yes.

Tom Caughlin has lost his freakin’ mind. Challenge flag.

@Jrdulka driver catch That’s the last challenge for NYG.
Yeah, and Coughlin’s right on the money as usual…not.

@BigSnakeMan Giants are about to lose another timeout. And the rest of their challenges.

@gbpf127 It’s Triplette. I would challenge too. Roll the dice w the idiots.
Good point. Now I’m a little queasy.

@Kc_cheesehead Coughlin needs a class on Remedial Flag-Throwing.
@olbagofdonuts Ha! Thanks Tommy!

Aikman – “I don’t know what he’s challenging.”
Nobody does, Troy.

Challenge fails, again.

Grant runs. Nothing doing.

@gbpf127 Give it to Saine! Dammit.
Mike McCarthy, I advise you to listen to this woman. Next time she sees you at the gas station she might clock you instead of high-five you.

We’re into the 3rd quarter.

Jennings TD! Or not…

@Drew_OlsonMKE That won’t be a catch…. and it’s a dumb rule.
@LegalStraus He had possession
@cellaigh_k someone seriously explain the insane troll logic of the Calvin Johnson rule to me.

I didn’t even know there WAS a Calvin Johnson rule.
It’s still a TD though!

@Ccs0228 YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!! I love Tripplett!!!
@Packersweep I change my mind about Triplette. He is only slightly a moron.
We love Jeff. We’ve always loved him.

@AntKingSmith They need to fix these rules, how was that a catch GTFOH
Miss us, do you?

@zcalvelli so they played coverage, wth no deep safety? umm, not smart.

@Thechampsbelt “@dankasper: Tramon you’re better then that” – Not his fault. Safety got sucked up on play action. Tramon had good coverage. Nice throw.

@Gerdiaz The Giants fans sound like they could murder this ref crew.
We like them fairly well. For the moment.

Giants TD Ugh.

@cellaigh_k oh Troy, do shut up.
Aikman, like Bradshaw, will never like the Packers. It’s a cross we must bear.

@KareemCopeland #NP Jump Around
Hey, are we in Wisconsin? No? Shut the damn song off then.

Woodson congratulating Nicks on the catch. No, he’s not like Suh.

@Adam_czech Ok. I have seen just enough of Ryan Grant for today.
All I can say is Grant’s on my fantasy bench for a reason.

Rodgers scrambles for first on 3rd down

@zcalvelli Where are the slants?
The what?

Grant gets first down.
Seen enough of that? No, we haven’t. But we’ll take that one, thank you.

@Cheesehead_tv McCarthy is livid. Wants a holding call. Not going to get it.
@realfreeman Finley held. Might as well tackled him.
It takes a lot to piss Coach off, but now that he is…look out, Giants.


Almost a safety.
@Tundra Vision This could be a season-defining drive for the giants.
@cellaigh_k time for a manning interception
@jrehor Cannot let them march down the field. I will not watch a 99 yard drive by an opposing team without losing it.
Hope @prehor has the straitjacket on hand.

@LegalStraus Ok Defense. Time to step up and get a stop
@bigsnakeman: @TundraVision Still not getting the vibe that they’re going to lose this game.
I hope you’re right, bro. Because the vibes I’m getting are very scary ones.

@TundraVision: I said it before the game: a desperate team with nothing to lose and everything to gain scares me.
Yes, yes it does.

Another first down.
@cellaigh_k Was francois just going to watch the reception or what?
Well, you know the French…

@Paiger33 What was that Mike Neal? A look of disgust at the play call? Oh, I see why. Look of disgust warranted.

Tramon almost has a pick!
@SWilliam2138 Dang it
Yes, Shantrell, Tramon was brilliant but we all want the INT.

@MrChang1232002 Heart attack pack
@CaptElaino Heart attack Pack.
Dick Chang sighting! *Gong*
You and Elaine are um, in sync.
You think we’d be used to this by now. But I’m not.

@avanepern23 Not worried. They wouldn’t do that to me on my bday. #GOPACKGO!
That’s right! They won’t lose on Annie’s birthday! Feel slightly less nauseous.

Woody’s hurt? This is not good.
@adbrandt Guessing Woodson is in locker room getting preliminary concussion test. Not good.
Back to feeling sick again.

@JerryKramer64GB: @foundinidaho Hang in there, Colleen.
Holy cow, Jerry Kramer just tweeted me! Hanging in there, sir! I have the feeling my Dad was screaming at the TV during the Ice Bowl like I am right now.

Drop by Jennings.


@avanepern23 Ok, now I’m f**kin worried.
Me too. ARGH!

Wait, there’s a penalty. Whew.

@bigsnakeman Well, a perfect season requires getting some breaks, too.
@bjohnson613 That’s a little strict
@packerken This. RT @LegalStraus: Makeup call I don’t care I’ll take it

@packfansince89 Rodgers is getting pissed.

@RiriThrondson Learned from Driver maybe RT @TundraVision Nobody catches that sideline spear like jordy nelson.
Well, there are worse people to learn how to be a receiver from. Randy Moss, for instance.

@TyDunne Another BELT from Tollefson. Emphatic.

Packer Santa, I need you to show up. Soon. Bring me a win.

@Sunnie5274 practicing my tactical breathing. I am starting to get a little nervous and starting to yell really loud
Just starting?  Sunnie, you have great self control.  Must be the military training.

@thelukerodgers Gut check time.
Yeah, mine are still there, still churning too

@cellaigh_k : @thelukerodgers do you have lucky shirt on? I don’t care if it has two weeks of funk on it

And Quarless goes out. My word, that looks terrible…. :(

@RichWardJr Made it home just in time for the Quarless injury…egads.

Double D for 7!

@bigsnakeman At least the old man can still catch it when others are failing. #Driver #Packers
@GregABedard That Driver guy needs to be put to pasture.
@realfreemancbs Driver TD. Nite, Nite Giants.
Old MAN, stepping it up.  Nice job DD.

@borninWisconsin does this remind anyone of the Super Bowl? A lot of drops, close game, 4th qtr?
Yeah. Hope it ends well.

@zcalvelli Keep Burnett deep, and blitz please.

@FabulouslyMe2 We got this…. we got this…
@MichelleNumbers C’mon, D. You can do this. Stop them. Please. Please, please, please. #gopackgo

Touchdown Giants.

@SWilliams2138 I knew that was coming.
We all did.

Packers get the ball, long way to go and a short time to get there….

@Da_Mrs_85 I’m dying…
@Elle_cook pacing. Cannot breathe #Packers
Right there with you, ladies.

@PeteSeroogy Who’s JaMarcus Finley?
Whoever he is, he doesn’t play tight end for the Packers.

@GerDiaz Good thing the Packers took Jermichael Finely out and put in Jermarcus Finley. Better hands.
Well, then again, that would explain why he’s catching the ball now.

Amazing drive by Rodgers & crew, but Jordy goes out of bounds!
Mason is here to save the day! :)

Jersey Al is sweating profusely somewhere in MetLife Stadium.

Holding breath…you’ve got this, Mason….

He does have it! 38-35!!

@RedStateLib Crosby is good! Pack are 12-0!!!
@GerDiaz Of course Crosby wins a game when @JerseyAlGBP can see it live.

Mason knew who was at the game. ;)

And the crowd goes wild…

@Bwaybaby06 Nicely played @crosbykicks2. Nicely. played. Enjoy your big win! #gopackgo
@cellaigh_k If this clutch ending doesn’t spell MVP I don’t know what does
@PWC 12-0

And then there’s the belt issue…

@Aaron_Nagler The Giants never should have done the Belt…
@theLukeRodgers Who’s doing the belt now??

@kelkelkelkel Right now I kind of feel like I’m going to puke and explode and cry and cheer all at the same time. #12-0
Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

@TyDunne T.J. Lang: “When we need to make the plays most, we tend to make them.”
You’ve got that right, TJ.

I’ll let this gentleman have the last word…

@crosbykicks2 Thanks for all the support, and thanks @BGoode61 for the great snap, Tim for the hold and everyone on the line for blocking. Best feeling.
Not for nothing am I glad I have always thought a lot of Mason Crosby. (And yes, Jersey Al has noted, so does Jersey Al.) Good for you, kid.

Bring on the Raiders.


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  • Rich Ward Jr

    Great job Colleen! When my new career inevitably consumes my soul, Pocket Doppler and the Running Diary will be left in brilliant hands. :) Keep up the excellent work.

  • Colleen

    No way I can do as well as you Rich! Come back soon! :)