This week’s Daybreak Doppler Dames theme is Women of Winter Sports

Tanith Belbin (Ice Dancing)

Looking forward to next weekend and breaking down the Raiders .

ACME Packing Company is also thinking ahead, reviewing the Packers-Raiders Series History .

Aaron from Badger of Honor recaps his weekend in Indianapolis at the Big Ten Championship Game .

The Sports Bank on Wisconsin football’s highly decorated offense .

Marquette kept up their winning ways, beating the Washington Huskies last night 79-77 .

Brew Hoop takes a look at the newly released Bucks schedule .

Disciples of Uecker on The Milwaukee Brewers Shortstop Situation.

Could totally see Amanda Lawson in this photo, Female Green Bay Packers Fan Wears Her ‘cheesehead’ Bra With Pride .

Not sure whether to be proud or ashamed here: This Aaron Rodgers Tribute Song Might be the Aaron Rodgers of Tribute Songs.

These actually make me feel good about myself, 25 Biggest Facepalm Moments Of 2011 .

Tis the season… Seven Hangover Cures That Actually Work.

Would’ve thought maybe Marquette would of made this list of 11 College Sports Teams That Used to Have Much Cooler Nicknames.

Someone is watching you read this link… 12 Biggest Conspoiracies of 2011 .

Not really sure if this is true or not, but gonna take their word for it: Sunny Leone Is the Hottest Thing on Indian Reality TV .

This Is How It Should Be – Ty over at The Big Lead lays out his idea for a college football playoff system here .  It really is a thing of beauty and it makes total sense.  Which is why of course it’ll never happen, at least not in the near future & most likely not in this format with that many teams.  We hear every year how the current BCS system is flawed (it is) but will we ever really see an alternative like a playoff system?  I think in my lifetime yes, although probably not until I’m in my 50′s (I’ll let you figure out how long that will be). Until then we’re stuck with what we have and on the bright side, it gives us all something to bitch about this time of the year, so there is that.

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