Dear Darren Rovell, Michael Schottey, any other NFL teams fans who don’t get this & you general haters:

Today I made a statement.

Today I paid a sum of money for what you all appear to deem a worthless piece of paper. It’s anything but worthless to me.

It’s a piece of paper that allows me to attend a meeting once a year where I can actually talk to Ted Thompson, if I should so desire. It is a meeting that allows me to talk and share thoughts with fellow fans that have chosen to make a financial sacrifice for the betterment of my team. Based on how many people I know who bought stock today, it might very well be a chance to catch up with some friends. It’s a meeting where I can learn of the future plans for my team and get an update on how things are going directly from those in charge. And yes, now I can call it my team.

It’s a piece of paper with my maiden name listed as a part of the registration, so that when I frame and hang it in my pool room my Dad is with me, reminding me where my original love of the Green Bay Packers came from. He’d be shaking his head at me, and laughing a little, but he would get why I did it.

It’s a piece of paper that allows me to contribute more directly to the team’s continued financial health. Yes, I’ve bought tickets to games and memorabilia, but I know very well that the tickets only generated a much smaller amount of money for the Packers to begin with due to the markup on the resale. I’ll continue to buy shirts, hats, etc., but they wear out and are somewhat transitory. In addition, unlike a local taxpayer who often supports a team through paying property or other taxes, at this point in my life I don’t support the team in that fashion. This allowed me to make a direct contribution to continued viability of the team, its competitiveness and the quality of the facilities the team practices and plays in. These things all lead to future championships.

I love the Green Bay Packers. Today I bought a piece of paper that makes it official on the Packers’ books. If you are a fan who couldn’t or wouldn’t buy stock, it doesn’t make me better than you. This is just a way I chose to support my favorite team. Alternatively, if you’re someone who thinks I’m an uneducated idiot who was taken advantage of by Mark Murphy and his band of henchmen, so be it.

I know what I bought today. I bought a sense of ownership and a feeling of pride. It made me feel good. That feeling is pretty priceless.


A Packers Fan, and Shareholder

Go Pack Go.


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  • CaptElaino

    Well spoken, Colleen. I am looking forward to that same pride of ownership when Mike and I purchase stock later tonight. I can’t wait to be able to call the Packers MY team and have it be true, even if it is a tiny part. To me, they are an organization worth supporting.

  • Amanda

    Cheers to the Green and Gold. Today, I also became an owner of the Green Bay Packers to support the sports team that I hold nearest to my heart. I will see you this summer in Green Bay, fellow shareholder.

  • http://@agedCheeseHead Jay

    this was worded perfectly, some people just don’t understand the sense of pride us Packer fans have for OUR team..!! I was to young in 97 to purchase stock on my own, I had been dreaming this day would come and it has…now I’m officially a shareholder, dream come true..!! #GoPackGo

  • Laura


    I love it. I’ve decided that buying stock this time around isn’t fiscally wise for me right now. But I’m really bummed about it. I’ve been dreaming of buying stock since 1997, when I was ten and the organization last held a stock sale. I anxiously await the next sale–when hopefully I actually have a decent paying job, and large enough savings to afford it.

    I’m glad that some people truly understand what that paper means. I feel the exact same way you do. I’m sorry that some people you’ve encountered don’t have the same devotion and understanding of the Packers and its family of fans.

    Congrats on being a new owner!

  • Jenne

    Thank you for this. Beautifully stated! I bought my share this morning and it’s very exciting. Go Pack GO!

  • Dan

    Exactly! So beautifully expressed with all the emotion and loyalty of a true Packers fan. Congratulations, fellow owner.

  • Dina

    Colleen love this so heartwarming about your dad! I became a shareholder in 1997 and wished I could have bought more for my children back then but today with the new sell I was able to buy for them so now my entire family are shareholders ! it’s an amazing feeling and you won’t regret it ! Comgrats

  • http://PocketDoppler Carol

    From now on, I’ll be smiling a bigger smile when I say “we” when talking about Our Packers.