• Oh Joy, we get Aikman and Buck again. Think I would pick root canal over these two idiots.
  • Not exactly how I like to begin a game, but it usually seems like the defense usually needs a down or two to get warmed up.
  • Not sure if that is a good thing. *shrugs*
  • The secondary started off at an F minus, minus. Then again you all know I’m not the secondary’s biggest fan at times. They remain the defense’s Achilles heel. Not enough communication.
  • And Woodson collected too many flags in the opening drive. It’s one thing to play aggressive. But sloppy unnecessary penalties are a death by a thousand paper cuts. Knocking himself silly didn’t help either.
  • Looks like the offense needed a down to get warmed up too.
  • Aaron Rodgers remains the undisputed king of the play action play. I still wonder how teams fall for it week after week when they know he”s going to fake a hand off, then roll to the right for a bomb. But they fall for it every time.
  • Finley. What can I say about him that hasn’t already been said. Colleen summed it up nicely in her post on Friday. Enough of the passive aggressive BS, Finley. You’re not dropping passes because you have a problem with “the quarterback.” You’re dropping passes like you’re dropping passes because you’re dropping passes. There is no I in Shut Up and Do the Work. So enough grandstanding and get down to work, sunshine. Oh, and his name is Aaron while you’re at it. He’s coming off like a petulant child and it is winning no one any points.
  • Reports of Clay Matthews’ untimely demise are widely exaggerated. People forget his speed and that pick six was absolutely a joy to behold. And he wasn’t a schlub on the line of scrimmage either. Wish the defense would bring the heat more consistently.
  • Speaking of bringing the heat, it was nice to see Raji in the thick of things.
  • But he needs to remember that the ball is live until you hear the whistle. Loved the look of surprise on his face when he realized he should run with it.
  • Rodgers proves he isn’t perfect, but even Superman is not impervious to Kryptonite.
  • Crosby proved he wasn’t perfect either.
  • Still don’t understand the Calvin Johnson reception rule, or whatever it is caused. But I guess it is moot if you are not going to ground, or something like that.
  • Coughlin doesn’t know how to challenge. Just because you don’t like the outcome doesn’t mean they’ll overturn it on review.h
  • Unfortunately Newhouse, who I think is the not going to be letting go of the starting Left Tackle position in the near future was getting owned for the majority of the game.
  • Donald Driver. Two TDs on the day. Love that every reception he grabs just keeps on eclipse James Lofton’s record.
  • And what can we say new about Jordy Nelson? He’s the one Rodgers relies on when everyone else has a bad case of the butterfingers epidemic.
  • But seriously, what was up with the butterfingers epidemic? The all can’t have a problem wit h The Quarterback.
  • Defense wasn’t its best today. I thought I was going to throw up with a minute to go in the ball game.
  • Mason Crosby wins the day and we get a great dose of Little Brother Manning Face. Seriously, do those two ever smile?
  • And that was Eli Manning’s fatal flaw. Never think you have it in the bag and give Aaron Rodgers the ball with 56 seconds to go.
  • Which proves that it never ends well when a team throws the Belt down at Rodgers. It never ends well and reminds me of every drunken moron that has sung me the KellyKelly song from Cheers. Oh, yes, wildly original. Now go away.
  • Bring on the Raiders.
  • It was an ugly win but The Cheese is now Twelve and OH! And the Badgers are headed to Pasadena.
  • Not a shabby ending for Wisconsin football :)

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  • foundinidaho

    Not shabby at all. Perfections may be within reach after all, Mr. Lombardi. :)

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  • Mark

    Off topic but Finley needs to grow up and shut up doubt he comes back next season bet Ted offers him the franchise tag and trades him for picks.

  • Mark

    Also, with Quarless I’m no doctor or trainer but I’ve seen knee injuries that looked like an unhappy triad or an ACL tear. Sucks because he’s was improving.